Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube – Pleasure Panel Review

2 out of 10

Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Angechaotiques

I received the Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube free of charge in exchange for this fair and honest review, as part of the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.
Anal lube. It says as much on the tube. The writing is pretty clear, it’s the largest font on the packaging. “ANAL LUBE”. OK, it is pretty clear what this product is designed for, it’s lube for use anally, but what sets that apart from any other personal lubricant?

Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review

The Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube comes in a pretty standard squeezy tube type thing and contains 100ml of the product. On the front of the tube, it clearly states that it is water based and it is safe for use with latex. That’s good, at least it won’t melt my condoms.

I still want to know what sets this apart from any other water based and latex safe lubes, so I shall have a look on the back for any additional information. There is no explanation as to what makes this more suitable for anal use, only instruction to “use as much as you like and repeat as often as you like”. I had a look at the ingredients and they are very similar to most other lubes I have with one small difference: glycerine. The only deduction I can make is that glycerine in the defining factor. This is slightly understandable as glycerine is known to attract moisture to the skin and the anal area is prone to drying out more easily than other intimate body parts… but that’s just a theory of mine.

Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review

Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel review

In practice, the Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube has a decent viscosity, it doesn’t dribble everywhere and is pretty easy to apply without drippage to wherever you need it. This is a really good thing as you will need to reapply… often! “Use as much as you like and repeat as often as you like” is a polite way of this brand informing you that you will have to use a lot of this stuff and you will be reapplying every couple of minutes – that is my biggest bugbear with any lube. Please don’t make me stop what I’m doing because you want me to use more. Making me use more isn’t going to make me buy more, it’s going to make me choose another product.

If you have a fetish for lubricant application, this is the lube for you. If you like your areas to become sticky rather than slippy after a couple of minutes, this is the lube for you. If, like me, you like your lube to last for the majority of your session, go find something else.

I’ll give the Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube a 2/10

– Angechaotiques

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Angechaotiques for this guest review of the Cobeco Water Based Anal Lube (£12.99 for 250ml at Lovehoney)

This lubricant was part of a samples set given to me free of charge at a trade show and there were no conditions or obligation to review. 

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