Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid Review

1 out of 10
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Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid Review

By Supercutesecret

I was most intrigued to try out the Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid from Cara Sutra’s sex toy tester program. I do not necessarily need this product, already having a high sex drive and all, but I was interested to see if this had any actual basis to possibly work all the same, since I personally think a lot of the aphrodisiacs/stimulants on the market are a bit of a con. Let’s see if my opinion could be swayed…


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Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid Review

The outer box packaging of the Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid isn’t great in my opinion. It’s rather smutty and I would be more likely to actually spend money on it if it looked a bit classier and less like they were trying to sell me some 80s cheesy porn. Luckily, when you take it out the box, the bottle is pretty inconspicuous. If you actually read it closely, it does mention “non-stop love making”, but unless you’re looking for it, it’s not very obvious.

One of the things it says in the block of text I do not like the wording of – “Will make her eager to perform any act you want her to”. This just smacks of non-consensual or pressurising undertones. If this stuff works, it’s basically telling you that you can spike her drink or food with it to make her do things she might have specifically said no to. If you wish for someone to consume the Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid, have an actual discussion with them about it, don’t let them do it unknowingly. Plus, you shouldn’t want to “make” her do anything.

I understand perhaps this is just ill thought-out wording and the rest of the text isn’t explicit or has those same undertones, so I am willing to accept this as a mis-step with no hard feelings. If the brand is reading this review though, I implore you to edit the wording of this label please.

Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid Review


Immediately my sceptical views on these types of products seemed to be correct once I looked at the Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid ingredients:

Water, Citric Acid, Red Colour, Cherry Flavour.

Now, which of these seem like an aphrodisiac to you? I thought to myself, okay give this a chance, this needs to be an objective review. So I did some research.

Spanish Fly has its name so-called because of its origins from the “Spanish Fly” beetles, which has its dried, crushed-up remains as the substance (cantharidin) which creates arousal. Cantharidin is odourless and colourless. This works by creating a rush of blood to the genitals, however this is due to being an irritant – there is a reason these beetles are also called “blister beetles”. In large doses, this substance can be toxic to humans and as such has actually been banned (either completely or without prescription) in many countries, including USA. I couldn’t find if it was banned in the UK though.

So, let’s break it down…

Water – vital to life, is in everything – not an aphrodisiac

Citric Acid – used in food as a preservative, sour flavouring or emulsifying agent – not an aphrodiasic

Red Colour – cantharidin is colourless, thus this is not that substance and I doubt this is an aphrodisiac

Cherry Flavour – again, I highly doubt this is an aphrodisiac

So there is two options here:

  • The Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid does not contain cantharidin. As such, this is incorrectly called Spanish Fly liquid. Since I suspect none of the ingredients listed are aphrodisiacs, you are basically buying cherry flavoured water. Don’t bother buying.
  • This Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid does have cantharidin, a potentially banned and toxic substance. Which means the ingredient list is lying and as such the company cannot be trusted. Buying from a shady company is no-no. Don’t bother buying.

So either way, it’s not looking like you should be spending your money on this. The bottle also states “Non toxic. Use as many as ten drops with complete safety”. Which sounds kind of contradicting, as if more than ten drops is harmful…

Of course, how can I make all these accusations/claims without actually seeing if it works? What if it actually does increase arousal and Spanish Fly is just a badly thought-out name? So I put it to the test.

During Use

The first time I added the Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid to water and put in the ten drops maximum it says to not exceed. It does leave a subtle cherry flavour that is quite tasty, though it colours the water, due to the red colouring in the ingredients. I couldn’t feel anything different and just went about my day. That night though, to my utter shock, me and my sexual partner had possibly the most carnal sex we’ve ever had! And had a Round Two the morning after! Now my position on this product was looking shaky… could it possibly have worked?! I told my partner about the use of it only a few days later and he said perhaps it was merely a placebo effect, so don’t get sucked in just yet.

I had to test the Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid again to see what happened. Again, I put it in water, since I didn’t want to add it to food and rarely drink anything else (and my sex drive is already sky-high with alcohol consumption haha). This time it did literally nothing different. Further tests also didn’t produce anything of note. Thus, with all the above research I’ve done, the confusion with ingredients and lack of results majority of the time, I conclude the carnal sex must have been a coincidence.

In summary, in case you couldn’t tell, I do not recommend you buy this product.

Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid rating: 1/10

– Supercutesecret

Cherry Flavoured Spanish Fly Liquid Review

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