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Cheeky Wash & Expandable Wipes Review

Pleasure Panel review by Ali’s Addiction

So to my review of the Cheeky Wash & Expandable Wipes. Cheeky Wash is a moisturising antibacterial cleanser specially formulated to be used without water. Expandable Wipes are also available as part of the Cheeky Wash sex essentials product range, which are soapy cloths compressed into small tablets that are activated by contact with liquid.

Cheeky Wash & Expandable Wipes Review

Pleasure Panel Review

Cheeky Wash & Expandable Wipes Review

Cheeky Wash comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip cap opening. The lid is very secure, it almost feels like I am opening a brand new bottle every time. The label is a raspberry colour featuring red hearts and is discreet about the sexual applications of the product.

The bottle is just 4 inches tall and 4.5 inches in circumference, so it’s travel friendly. It contains 65 ml of Cheeky Wash solution which is a generous amount as a little goes a long way; when using this with the expandable wipes I found I only needed to apply about a teaspoon worth of liquid.

The Cheeky Wash solution is a thin, clear fluid containing body-safe ingredients. It is pH-balanced and alcohol and paraben free. It is also non-scented though I do detect a very mild hint of a clean, clinical odour.

It works in a similar way as hand sanitizer, you simply massage a few drops into your skin to create a creamy lather that releases the dirt, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed. You can then easily wipe away any excess soap with a tissue.

I personally prefer to use the Cheeky Wash with the Expandable Wipes. The wipes come in a handy resealable bag. They look a bit like Alka-Seltzer tablets and are 0.75 inches wide and just under half an inch thick, with a water drop design on either side.

Cheeky Wash & Expandable Wipes Review

As the tablet comes into contact with Cheeky Wash it begins to expand and unravel into a generously sized, durable, soapy cloth. The material is 100% natural rayon and feels like a thin linen bandage which becomes fluffier during use, like fleece. It feels very soft and gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave any lint behind.

Cheeky Wash is very versatile. It’s convenient for camping and festivals, where access to a shower is limited. It’s good for use as a makeup remover. It also makes a great sex toy cleaner. Additionally it’s useful to keep on hand to freshen up after sex or during menstruation.

Rating: 10/10

– Ali’s Addiction

I hope you enjoyed this Pleasure Panel review of the Cheeky Wash & Expandable Wipes which are made by the company behind Give Lube, Give Pleasure Products.

Thanks to Ali’s Addiction (Toy Addict) for this thorough review, accompanied by her own photographs. 

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– Cara Sutra

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