Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling Review

5 out of 10

Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling Review

Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling review by BarginHunta

Having been fortunate enough to review a number of Boners various cockslings and cockrings this one piqued my interest with its unique shaping, so how would it fare?


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Like many (perhaps all?) of the Boners products, the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling is packaged in a distinctive charcoal grey tube with blue and white accents:

Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling Review

The front of the tube proudly displays an image of the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling showcasing what is possibly its main differentiating feature, an almost triangular hole.

The side of the tube (can a tube have a side?) gives the dimensions of each of the openings, as diameters; the smaller being 25mm (0.98 inch) and the larger being 30mm (1.18 inch). For the smaller circular opening that makes sense, but for the larger ‘triangular’ opening I’m not so sure!

Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling Review

The rear of the tube has some blurb telling you exactly how cockslings work, and indicates that this one will “stretch the balls and push the penis upwards”.
It also lists three key facts about the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling:

  • Material: Liquid Silicone
  • Color: Dark Grey
  • Phthalate Free: Yes

I am a bit wary of the “liquid silicone” description, since previous products I have tried with that description have been like ‘normal’ silicone, but softer and stickier – so we shall see!

Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling Review


The tube of the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling is sealed with shrinkwrap plastic which as far as I could tell doesn’t have a “tear” strip, so you may well need scissors to get into this pesky wrapping – still, at least you know no one else has been in the tube!

With the plastic wrap removed the two sections of the cardboard tube will come apart with a twist and pull action.

Inside the tube the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling is packaged inside a plastic bag.

Initial Thoughts

Once I opened the plastic bag that the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling was sealed in there was a fairly strong chemical smell and the silicone was sticky to the touch (it reminded me of the toy bugs that children used to have, that you could throw at a wall and they would stick and gradually climb down!)

First stop therefore was for wash with warm water and sex toy cleaner; this removed a reasonable amount of the stickiness and smell, but had to be left to air dry since there was enough stickiness left to the surface that any attempt to use a towel to dry it just resulted in a fluffy cocksling.

There are some very obvious seams and ridges from the manufacturing process on the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling; they are super soft so aren’t likely to cause an irritation, but they do make the product look tatty.

How It Feels

The “liquid silicone” is incredibly soft and has a lot of stretch to it, so thankfully getting it on is relatively easy (I opted for balls through the round window and cock through the triangular window, as that seemed best fit!). However the (still) sticky surface of the liquid silicone can be quite ‘grabby’ and I found this to be quite uncomfortable.
This can be eased a little by applying some lubricant either to yourself or to the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling, but I found that as the cocksling is SOOO stretchy, applying to much lubricant could mean that it would just stretch and slide back over your rapidly escaping testicles. Even with the just the right amount of lube I found that it would only last a while before the lube started to dry and the uncomfortable grabby effect of the liquid silicone material would return.

As such I found that I was actually unable to wear this for any extended periods, (certainly not long enough to benefit from any “ball stretching” that it might be able to perform).

After trying it a number of times I was ultimately disappointed, since the shape of the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling should lend itself to being very comfortable, from the triangular ‘cock hole’ to the angled rear section where it nestles against your body; it could have been so good!


Cleaning is simple with sex toy cleaner and warm water, but drying is an absolute pain as you cannot dry it on a towel or it will grab lint like crazy, and leaving it to air dry still invariably means it has dust or hair on it when you come to retrieve it!


I am glad I got the opportunity to review the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling, but I think I have a dislike for the liquid silicone material that Boners are using for some of their products. It is very soft and incredibly stretchy, but this comes at a cost of tatty mouldings and a fairly sticky/grabby surface finish that doesn’t seem to go away. To make things worse, I left the Boners Silicone Stretchy Cocksling out to air dry on  a wooden surface, and it seems some of the oil (?) (or whatever makes the surface sticky) leached out of it and into the wood, so be careful where you leave these liquid silicone products!

Priced at $25.99 I have to say that the price seems rather high, and the product does look (in my opinion) like something that would have that price tag attached.

Overall rating 5/10

– BarginHunta

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