Black Level PVC Scalloped Corset Lingerie Review

9 out of 10

Black Level PVC Scalloped Corset Lingerie Review

I received the Black Level PVC Scalloped Corset yesterday and absolutely love it, The PVC is strong enough to be shaped to your personal body shape as well as delicate enough to wrap around your curves and feel soft and warm to your flesh.


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The bottom area of the Black Level PVC Scalloped Corset is shaped to flatter over your tummy and the top flares out slightly to create a great shape for your assets finished by cradling your bust with the scalloped almost batwing effect top line.

The Black Level PVC Scalloped Corset is easy to fasten together by loosening the back ties, fastening with the front metal busks then lacing from the centre at the back, drawing tightly to create an amazing waist and flare out to the hips.

I only wish I had more in the breast department!

I’ve owned a few pieces of Black Level PVC clothing over the years and although they’re in no way the most luxurious PVC you can buy I’ve always found them great for my needs. Affordable, strong enough to last years of wear and the main factor for me is the sizing. A lot of lingerie and fetish wear you can buy online is sold with standard UK sizing numbers on the labels but they often don’t fit right or I have to buy a couple of sizes up from what I’d buy on the UK high street.

With Black Level PVC I can buy my actual size and it fits me, so that’s definitely a plus.

The Black Level PVC Scalloped Corset is no exception, fitting me beautifully and without any discomfort, pinching or unsightly gaping of the material. I wear this corset with either black hotpants, my Black Level PVC trousers or a PVC skirt. Due to the design of this corset it’s also fantastic for Halloween.

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