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10 out of 10

Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer K

I was lucky enough to get a chance to review part of the Bijoux Indiscrets nipple caps/pasties line.  As with all other Bijoux Indiscrets products, the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties (available here) come beautifully packaged; this time in a small, flat black box with gold accents and a nature-inspired motif. The box has a flip-top lid which displays the pasties beautifully below a clear window. I really liked the way they are placed separately in a slide-out tray; it gives the overall presentation a far classier feel. Opening the side and tipping the pasties out just wouldn’t feel the same. They are displayed like jewellery in a case; little pieces of luxury that they are.

And they really do have an emphasis on a high-end aesthetic. Bijoux Indiscrets is a company that specialises in intimate accessories rather than sex toys per se, although they did recently release their first vibrator. Their products emphasise intimacy and sensuality, often focusing on accessorising the naked body for the purpose of accentuating features, or capitalising on fantasy/roleplay scenarios. The Bijoux Indiscrets aesthetic is often luxe and golden-hued, smacking of glittery vintage glamour as if everyone in the world lived like Satine from The Moulin Rouge. It’s unsurprising that the company decided to make a burlesque-inspired range; the aesthetic is basically part of their business philosophy.

Consequently, the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties are really lovely objects just to look at. The black sequins lay over each other seamlessly, like scales, and the slightly pointed structure creates a varied surface for light to play on. The glittering effect really ups your showgirl dazzle, and would look great when worn with a sheer babydoll negligé  (or, you know, when not worn with a sheer babydoll negligee).

The Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties are reusable, promising to not lose their stickiness with proper care. Each one has a little peel-off piece of plastic protecting the adhesive side from accumulating dust, lint, and cat-hair, so don’t lose them! Although I guess you could substitute with bits of sandwich bags in a pinch, assuming you flung the packaging and protective plastic aside in a fit of partnered glee.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties feel quite hard to the touch – I’m not sure what I was expecting, but both the sequins and the underlying material are fairly stiff, presumably in order to maintain structure and durability. Still, it’s easy to put them on – just peel off the thin plastic to expose the squidgy stick-on bra stuff, aim the point to go over your nipple, and I found that a gentle upwards press (almost aiming to fold from the bottom upwards towards the nipple) worked best for my shape. I do a little prodding to make sure everything adheres properly and doesn’t start coming up at the edges, but once they’re on they feel pretty secure.

In use, they cover my moderate-sized areola easily. The circumference of the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties is about the same as a circle made with my middle finger and thumb, so is fairly forgiving when it comes to nipple size. The stiff feeling of the caps, slightly rough texture of the sequins, and the bralessness all combined to give me a feeling of comfort and protection. The caps almost mimic a sense of being clothed due to their substantial nature, but still provide the freedom and comfort of going without a bra. I really liked the way they shimmered as my body moved; ambient light gleaming off the sequins and drawing attention exactly where it needed to be.

nipple pasties

My partner was similarly impressed. Initially he didn’t seem sure of what he was looking at, but when he realised what they were he was very intrigued, especially because I feel less naked and more inclined to be casually topless when I’m wearing them. We’ve also been having a heat wave so I tend to wear the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties pretty often these days, and haven’t been hearing any complaints.

The Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties allow me to imagine myself as possessing old Hollywood glamour when I’m thus adorned, even though the reality is that I’m actually just beached on the couch in a film of my own sweat and pretty sparklies don’t quite negate that mental image. My only issue comes with removal, as it necessitates peeling the sticky objects from your tender nipples, and this can be a little sore if you’re feeling sensitive that day. Other than that, they are a joy to wear and would be a wonderful roleplay accessory to add to your lingerie drawer.

I give the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties a 10/10, because I felt them to be very effective for what they were, and I love the way they act as old-Hollywood body jewellery.

– K

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer K for this review of the Bijoux Indiscrets Sequin Burlesque Pasties (usually priced at £19)

Bijoux Indiscrets Nipple Pasties Review

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