Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Scented Body Powder Review

Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Scented Body Powder Review

A round canister with deep overlapping lid houses a sparkling body powder -the Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Scented Body Powder– with the same scent as the wonderful Aphrodisia Spray which I also love. As the Bijoux Indiscrets website says, this is “a moon spell that contains the essence of night, the gleam of silver and the suggestive scent of the Bijoux Indiscrets fragrance”.

Bijoux Indiscrets reviews

With the same alluring packaging as the rest of the collection, the Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Scented Body Powder certainly delivers what it promises from first glance. Years ago I had a pot of shimmering body powder. I can’t remember the brand now, but I loved dusting it over bare shoulders and arms before a special night out. Or in, sometimes. That was merely for sparkle. With the Bijoux Indiscrets Shimmering Aphrodisia Body Powder you get the luxurious sparkle and glittering gleam, plus the seductive scent of Aphrodisia.

You can read more about the scent in my Aphrodisia Body Mist Spray review, but suffice to say it’s feminine without being overly floral or sickly sweet, it’s not masculine but isn’t offensive to my male partner’s senses, and it’s based with roses which is a top fave scent of mine.

The powder comes safely packed inside the beautiful box. Once you remove the lid, you need to carefully remove the sticker over the multitude of holes which allow the shimmering dust to escape, slowly – to be picked up with the included body buff.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, the Bijoux Indiscrets Shimmering Aphrodisia Body Powder would make a charming and romantic gift for a lover – or friend – and is equally as fab to treat yourself to. At £24.95 it won’t break the bank but you can feel assured of a top quality, luxurious product.

This is taking up permanent residence on my dressing table and besides my other Bijoux Indiscrets products it looks wonderful – and holds up to that promise during regular use.

Top marks! 10/10.

If you’d like to experience the sexy shimmer for yourself, you can purchase the Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Scented Body Powder for £24.95.

One issue you may find is that the shipping comes to a quite hefty £14.35 for courier to Europe, so my advice is to make yours a worthwhile order if you do decide to purchase from Bijoux Indiscrets. You do receive free shipping on orders over €60. From what I can tell, the Bijoux Indiscrets HQ is in Spain.


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Bijoux Indiscrets Review

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Bijoux Indiscrets is a boudoir-inspired sex toys and accessories brand which prioritises elegance and style alongside the manufacture of highly enjoyable sexual products. From first glance the Bijoux Indiscrets collection seduces you with glossy dark packaging with hints of luxurious gold, as well as classy script on the boxes which describes the contents.

As well as sex toys, Bijoux Indiscrets offer a selection of intimate cosmetics and bedroom extras to benefit your sex life. I was very interested in trying some of these out and was delighted to be approached by Bijoux Indiscrets to test and review a few items.

With professional, courteous communications and a fast, discreet delivery, I was impressed right from the start. Let’s take a look at what I received:

  • Bijoux Indiscrets Before, During & After Oral Sex Pleasure Mints
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Body Mist Spray
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Aphrodisia Shimmering Scented Body Powder
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Poême Wild Strawberry Body Paint and Feather
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Massage Candle
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Mesh Collar
  • Bijoux Indiscrets Mesh Cuffs

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