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Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania

I have been sent the paperback book version of Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

The Better Than The Hand book begins with an introduction on why the author wrote the book, which is interesting reading. I do agree with him that it seems a lot of the sex toys out there are more for women than men, so it is refreshing to see a book aimed at men and what toys to use for masturbation, multiple orgasms plus remaining hard between orgasms – hence the title of the book. 🙂

Male Toy Reviews

Better Than The Hand focuses on reviews of male sex toys, as the author has previously found that reviews on websites are not often written honestly by men and so men are often left lacking or disappointed with the experience they have with the toys. Therefore this book has a no holds barred views on the toys he has used.

Various Topics Covered

I do like the author’s style of writing: tongue in cheek, honest and amusing.  While Better Than The Hand is primarily aimed at men, it is also worth a read if you are female of the species, such as I. It is informative on how to be multi-orgasmic, how to prolong orgasm and how to get an erection with no touching. It also helps inform the male on how to prolong orgasm for your partner or to get them turned on without touching any of the main areas, such as nipples, clitoris or vulva.

Which Lubes To Use

The author also goes into great detail on which lubes are ideal for which sort of play you are looking for and which toys.  Various toys are covered within the book.. There’s not just male toys, but those which are primarily advertised for females, such as the Doxy Wand.  The author tells us not to just look at toys for men and couples but to experiment with any sex toys.

Thoughts After Reading

As a female, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Better Than The Hand and have left it out for the OH to read too.  I have learnt quite a lot from the information within the book and now know of other ways to work with the OH to achieve a lovely sexual experience from various techniques and not just penetrative sex.

The only negative of Better Than The Hand I found was that some of the toys were briefly talked about in the book; it could have given a bit more information. However I have Googled those that I wanted more information on.  After reading the book, I am looking at purchasing the Neon Wand which I really like the sound of for us both to play with. I will also be using my Doxy Wand on the OH soon to see if what Marcus has said is true; if it’s pleasurable for him.

Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan Book Review


Overall the Better Than The Hand book is well worth a read for any gender and for any partnerships. Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan is well written and easy to follow. It also mentions the author’s website which provides further information and has a regularly updated blog. This is certainly something I will be signing up for in order to continue the journey I have started.

Due to my thoughts and experiences for this review, I wouldn’t hesitate to score Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan 10 out of 10.

– Shady Shania

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Shady Shania for this review of the book, Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan.
You can buy it here at Amazon or in paperback from Manshop.

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This book was provided by the publishers free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel. Thank you! 🙂

Better Than The Hand by Magnus Sullivan Book Review

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