Best Women’s Erotica 2014 by Violet Blue Review

8 out of 10

Best Women’s Erotica 2014 by Violet Blue Review

By Ali’s Addiction

Best Women’s Erotica 2014 by Violet Blue is a compilation of 17 erotic short stories written by various female authors. The introduction of this 200-page book is interwoven with snippets from different stories to give a teasing preview of what’s to come. The stories are diverse in their themes from the romantic to the more kinky side of things.


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Best Women's Erotica 2014 by Violet Blue Review

The first story, Out in the Open by Oleander Plume, is about an adult blogger who finds inspiration watching the customers at a local coffee shop. While writing about a particular customer the line between fiction and reality blurs after she injects herself into the story. This is one of my favourite stories, if only for the line ‘What kind of sex do vegans have? I always imagine it has vegetables involved somehow.’

Next is I Hate Sex by Tamsin Flowers, where an adult store employee discovers the joy of sex through an erotic, risky encounter with a customer at work.

Then a woman is apprehensive about introducing her new partner to her sex toy collection in Toys by Jade A. Waters. I can really relate to having a large collection of sex toys and this story makes me appreciate the fact that I haven’t had to deal with that coming out of the sex toy closet moment, but the mention of a jelly vibrator was momentarily distracting.

Things get heated up when an elf is captured by a warrior during a LARP (live-action role-play) event in Laila Blake’s Her Forest, Her Rules.

In Threes by Elizabeth Coldwell features an adventurous couple whose sexual exploits are witnessed by a hotel waiter, which eventually culminates in a threesome.

The shortest story in this anthology, The Cake by Ingrid Luna, starts out very innocent with a woman baking a cake for her partner but it takes an unexpected turn into the realms of sitophilia (food play).

Punishing Desmodia by Catherine Paulssen is about an actor rehearsing for a play but struggling with a particular scene in which he has to deal a very hard spanking to the leading lady. When he discovers that she actually enjoys being spanked it stirs something within him and he realises he is more right for the part than he thought.

In Valerie Alexander’s Monsoon Season a dominant woman meets a young, submissive valet worker at a holiday resort and they develop an intense relationship.

Then in Marylou by Lucy Debussy, a woman who disguised herself as a man in order to join the Navy is caught in a very compromising position by another sailor.

A woman discovers the neighbour she has been secretly watching is acquainted with her girlfriend, who then arranges for them to have a threesome, in Alyssa Turner’s Reality TV.

Gentleman’s Valet by Sommer Marsden is a BDSM tale that involves some creative use of an antique gentleman’s valet.

Chrysalis by Nikki Adams is about a lesbian and trans woman who meet up for a night of passionate sex.

Chattel by Errica Liekos features a strong, independent woman who grows insecure with the high level of freedom in her marriage until her husband reveals a more possessive side to him that reassures her she belongs to him.

Ruby Ryder’s Revealing is like a kinkier version of Toys that involves strap-on sex.

Nyotaimori by Rose De Fer is a very detailed account of a naked sushi model’s senses being aroused as she lays bound and exposed.

Then a woman gets to live out her fantasy of having two gladiators fight for her in Laura Antoniou’s Blame Spartacus, with the champion getting to pleasure her while the loser is punished.

The final story, Close Shave by Alison Tyler, centres on a woman who finally finds the courage to make her move on the barber she has been lusting after from afar and gets an unexpected response.

Best Women’s Erotica 2014 is written by women, for women, and there are some very interesting ideas explored in this book which are sure to inspire new sexual fantasies for the reader, but it might be too alternative sex-oriented for some.

– Ali’s Addiction

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