BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner & BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

10 out of 10

BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner & BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner Review

By Candy Snatch

BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner / BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner review: I love the feeling of latex and own a couple of beautiful bespoke latex dresses. When Cara put a call out for testers for a latex polish by a company called BeGloss I was happy to offer.

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First Impressions

The product is called BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner and comes in a pink and black 100ml bottle. Reading the instructions, it didn’t seem too difficult to follow. Simply measure and mix the correct quantity of BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner with water and dip the latex in. Allow to dry to achieve “ultimate high gloss shine for protection and play.”

Reading the quantities required I needed 15ml of BeGloss Latex Shiner for 5 litres of water. I measured this out with a medical pipette. Upon adding the BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner to the measured water in my bath I noticed it beaded on the surface of the water like oil. Mixing it thoroughly with my hand till it was blended I added my latex dresses one by one.


I noticed when I removed my dresses from the water they were extremely oily. Although this seemed a little odd I reserved judgement and hung them to dry after a rinse as instructed. When I returned to the dresses the next day I was alarmed to see the colour of them appeared to be patchy!

I contacted Cara and she in turn contacted a UK stockist of BeGloss offering the product for review. They contacted me direct and after some discussion concluded that possibly there was a residue on the dresses which had caused the colour patching. They suggested sending me the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner alongside a different latex item to re test the product. The latex skirt BeGloss sent me was a black unchlorinated mini skirt.

Second Chance

So, it was I came to be redoing my latex test a week later. Having learnt somewhat from my first go at this my first change to this procedure was to totally ignore the advice on the bottle which suggested using the product in the bathtub. My bath had been left like a lethal ice rink by the first tests and despite cleaning it several times with cream cleaner it remained slippery for a few days.

The latex wash I was sent was the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner. This deep blue liquid comes in a 250ml bottle. Now I’m not going to lie I was extremely sceptical about a wash curing the colour patching that was currently dotting my latex dresses. However, I duly measured 25ml of Special Wash Ultra Clean in to a bucket {lesson learnt} with 5 litres of water in it and blended. Dunking my oily, patchy latex dresses into the bucket I said a silent prayer. Almost straight away I could see the difference. The oily coating was gone and the colour evened out. I did an actual happy dance. Both dresses came out amazingly clean and even. I hung them up and prayed for no unhappy surprises when they dried.

Moving onto the unchlorinated skirt I dunked it into the bucket. The latex had been covered in powder and marks previous but it came out of the bucket pristine. I was very impressed with BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner. In fact, I was semi convinced it was magical.


All three items came out of the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner looking amazing. My beautiful chlorinated dresses dried perfectly and regained their shine. Happy Candy. The unchlorinated skirt was still to be put through the BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner treatment.

I decided to reduce the amount of BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner I used in this second test, based on the extreme oily residue on the dresses in the previous test. I measured 5 litres of water into the bucket and this time used just 10ml of Perfect Shine. Blending the beaded fluid into the water well I dipped the little black skirt into the bucket.

Swirling it around in the water for a few minutes I removed it and checked the colour. It looked fine. And glossy too. I hung it up to dry.

When I went back to the skirt the next day I was impressed with the shine and gloss the BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner had bought to the little black skirt. However, it was still quite oily to the touch. Despite me reducing the dosage in the second test.


Reflecting on this experience I feel like BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner is a good product for unchlorinated latex. It brings a good shine to the garment and deepens the colour. But I wouldn’t use it on chlorinated latex again. I don’t think treated latex needs it. BeGloss stated that they felt the colour patching was caused by residue on the dresses but I feel it may well have been the chlorination as the experience with the unchlorinated skirt was so different. Saying this using the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner beforehand helped I think.

Would I Recommend?

If I was recommending BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner to someone I’d suggest they use only 5ml to 5 litres as even 10ml created that oily coating on the skirt. I would also strongly suggest they avoid the bathtub advice on the bottle and avoid using on chlorinated latex altogether as I just don’t think it needs it. It does indeed put a luscious glossy shine on unchlorinated latex though. I would be happy to use it on any unchlorinated latex garments.

What I have taken from this review is I LOVE BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner. Which bought my chlorinated dresses up beautifully and reverted them back to their former glory. I will be using this product again for my dresses in future.

I can’t fault BeGloss or Cara for their help in addressing the issue with my dresses. They were brilliant in providing me with the fix; despite my initial cynicism they know their stuff. Although I initially was only reviewing the BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner I thought it only fair to review the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner as well.


I’d rate BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner 6/10, it does work but I feel there is a significant amount of trial and error involved with getting it right and I’m not keen on that oily feel left on the garment if the dosage is followed.

In comparison, I’d rate BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner 10/10, it worked beautifully, was easy to use and left the garments looking brand new. Great Stuff.

Thank you so much to Cara and BeGloss for all their help during this review.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to our reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of the BeGloss Special Wash Latex Cleaner & BeGloss Perfect Shine Latex Shiner.

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These products were sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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