April 2016 DewciBox Sex Toys Subscription Box – Pleasure Panel Review

8 out of 10

April 2016 DewciBox Sex Toys Subscription Box Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Lil Miss X

When the April 2016 DewciBox Sex Toys Subscription Box arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the look and feel of the box. It’s a gorgeous solid black box with a magnetic and ribbon closure.

Upon opening the box the first thing I saw is some tissue paper making it feel even more luxurious and then an intro card telling me about DewciBox and welcoming me to explore more. “Now close the curtains, dim the lights and like Marvin said ‘let’s get it on’ Enjoy x”. It also comes with a £5 off voucher for the subscription box.

The next thing I found inside the April 2016 DewciBox was a card explaining everything you’ve got in the box, but if you’re anything like me, this will get thrown to the side until you have rummaged and discovered for yourself.

One of the first items in the April 2016 DewciBox was some Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplements for the gentleman in your life. Unfortunately my partner cannot take supplements – and I had no one else I could get to use them and give them a go.

The next item was some PlayBoy Condoms. We do not usually use condoms but thought we’d try them out for this review. To me they felt like most other condoms; they had plenty of lubricant on them and they fit my partner. We would not buy them ourselves, but this is personal preference and we don’t use condoms generally.

Ayumi Sensual Massage, Bath & Body Oil: Now this one we enjoyed! We don’t often get the chance to have a bit of a rub down. We both absolutely loved the scent of the oil, which was made up of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood. The consistency of the oil is perfect, not too watery. It’s perfect for massages, which because of the slipperiness of the oil, can turn into so much more. We also used it in the bath as directed on the info card in the April 2016 DewciBox. We came out smelling amazing! For the RRP, you get a lot of oil. Would definitely recommend this.

Next item in the April 2016 DewciBox was the Lovehoney Magic Bullet Vibrator. This was just a simple, run of the mill bullet vibrator. It’s a plastic vibe but has a chrome look to it. I like that it is waterproof and it does the job but for the price I would not have bought it separately.

Licx Mix For Her: This mix contains 6 sachets, including 2 intimate wipes, 2 gels, a gel lube and a cream lube.

The wipes were lovely, they definitely made me feel cleaner after a bit of play. They don’t feel oily or sticky like a lot of other wipes do.

The arousal gels were great and I think I’ll be looking into getting them in the future; they definitely helped my sensitivity along and make me reach orgasm quicker than I think I ever have.

The lubes were both very nice, they weren’t sticky like a lot of lubes. And they didn’t dry up really quickly.

The extras that came in the April 2016 DewciBox were a lovely touch; some heart shaped chocolates and a Mojito mixer. I’m not keen on Mojitos but the partner loves them, so he claimed that while I ate the yummy chocolates. They definitely made it feel a bit more thoughtful.

April 2016 DewciBox Sex Toys Subscription Box Review

For the price of the box and the amount of items I receive, I would definitely buy this again, or one of the many other options. I would give the April 2016 DewciBox 8/10.

– Lil Miss X

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lil Miss X for this review of the April 2016 DewciBox (monthly sex toy subscription box £25; other styles available) 

This sex toy subscription box was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by DewciBox. Thank you! 🙂

April 2016 DewciBox Sex Toys Subscription Box Review

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April 2016 DewciBox Sex Toys Subscription Box Review

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