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5 out of 10

Anna’s Choice by Kaelan Rhywiol Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch

I was sent Anna’s Choice by Kaelan Rhywiol to read and review for the Pleasure Panel. I’m a huge fan of erotic fiction and enjoy short story anthologies as much as a full blown novel so was excited to give this one a read.

Anna's Choice by Kaelan Rhywiol Erotica ReviewAnna’s Choice doesn’t start like your average erotic fiction and initially I found myself wondering where the story was heading. From the first page I actually wondered whether this would be a horror type story however this wasn’t the case. It was quite slow to burn and I found myself slightly disappointed by the ratio of build to burn by the time I had reached the climax. That being said I was excited as Anna’s story slowly unfolded and I began to anticipate the situation she would find herself in.

Kaelan Rhywiol paints a grim picture of Anna’s predicament and it’s easy to imagine the surroundings and characters from the well written prose. There is just enough background to the story to support the plot without becoming unnecessary.

The plot itself is fairly basic with a nice little steamy finish however I was hoping for something stronger and it felt a little bit like a romance novel to my tastes. This is, of course down to my personal preference and I can imagine for someone with a gentler persuasion this would be perfect as an addition to an anthology of mild erotica. I’d like to have read more interaction between Anna and the male guards to set more of a scene for the sex scenes.

The ending definitely left me wondering about the outcome of the story and Anna’s fate and I’d be interested to read other works Kaelan Rhywiol has written, I’m curious to know whether Kaelan ventures into more explicit stories or whether this sets the tone for all her work.

Although Anna’s Choice left me feeling disappointed in terms of turning me on, it was an enjoyable short story and it was a different theme to the other short stories I’ve read which made a refreshing change. I’d have enjoyed seeing the characters explore each other more sexually and felt there was much scope to do this within the confines of the story-line so it was a shame it wasn’t explored more.

In summary I feel Anna’s Choice would make a good bedtime read or addition to a short story collection however feel the story could have benefited from more expansion to the conclusion with perhaps darker sex scenes to fit in better with the general tone of the story. I enjoyed this story and would give it a 5/10 as although it’s a perfectly decent read it’s not really to my personal taste.

– Candy Snatch

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Candy Snatch for this review of Anna’s Choice by Kaelan Rhywiol (99p on Amazon Kindle)

This erotic short story was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by the author. Thank you! 🙂

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