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Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe

In this Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set is the rampant rabbit itself, a mini vibe and a lubricant. This all comes presented in a sealed black box. The Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set is currently on offer at the time of writing this review at £45 but originally the RRP is £75 on a sticker on the box.


Talking firstly about the design of the Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set box… The presentation of the box has a very elegant feel about it. It comes with black rim and simple writing stating what it is.

Turning the box over it has a full picture of the vibe with arrows stating with way it goes. The first line on the back of the box made me giggle:

“Hop on honey, it’s time for the ride of your life.”

The Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set blurb fully goes into how you can use it in different ways like g-spots, nipples etc. It also talks about the batteries it comes with and what batteries are required, which is super handy before buying a product, you know what to buy. Nothing worse than getting home and being super disappointed when you realise you have the wrong batteries!

Box Appeal

The overall presentation of the product definitely makes the product itself more appealing. Packaging is a definitely important as for me if I was to see something that didn’t look pretty or looked tacky I wouldn’t be interested. So if I saw this Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set in a shop it is something I would pick up.

Even more, it is something I would buy as a present for someone because of the design of it, with the box making it much easier to be wrapped.

Rabbit Specifics

Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

Moving on to the main toy, which is the rampant rabbit itself. The Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set packaging is missing a few vital details, which I’m a little disappointed with. If I was to buy this toy online I expect details about the size of the toy, the material, how much can I insert etc. However, these are all details that have been left out on the website and on the box, which is disappointing to me especially for such a big brand.

The only details including on the box and on the website are talking about what the set itself includes and make sure you clean them after use, which is a good point to make to ensure cleanliness but nothing about the material on the toy.


After measuring the toy insertable length I would say is about 5”, which is a decent size to use, and a generic size to be comfortable for everyone. The toy from top to bottom including the buttons etc is just over 9” long and 4” in girth. Therefore, for me personally this is a comfortable size, also inserted nicely and smoothly.

The ears on the actual rabbit hit the right points too even though the tip of the ears could do with being a little less pointy and feeling like its stabbing me in my clit!


On the bottom of the Rotating Rampant Rabbit it has a control panel with 3 different buttons. One button is to turn it off and on, another to control the rotation speed and another to control the vibration on the ears of the toy.

Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

One thing I do love about this is that the buttons light up so if I’m after some in the dark play I can still see what I’m doing, which is awesome!

The Speeds

The Rotating Rampant Rabbit has a rotating shaft which has 3 different settings of speed for rotation. The top speed actually has quite some speed to it even though it is relatively loud. The vibrations on the ears are also a bit loud but not massively.

My partner and I tested this while he was in the bath and I switched the toy to maximum speeds on both he could not hear a thing which was good and adds another bonus point.

The vibrations have varying speeds, giving you 7 different options of speeds to go along side your rotating shaft. The vibrations are intense on this, less buzzy and more vibration, very strong vibrations especially through the ears. The feeling of the rotating shaft is bizarre but good I do find though it does not entirely hit my G-Spot as I was expecting it to.


One thing I have found about the Rotating Rampant Rabbit is that it is quite heavy which I understand why but when you’re trying to use it in different motions your arm does get tired.

Bullet Vibrator

Moving on to the bullet in the Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set. It comes in at a nifty little size of just over 3” which is cute but still leaving you enough space to be able to hold it properly while using it.

To switch the bullet vibe on and off you press the button to turn on and hold it for a good 3-4 seconds to turn it off. It is a nice smooth hard plastic from looking at it (not stated on website or box either) with a nice black finish.

Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

One thing that is good is it came with batteries in a size I have never seen before (N size batteries). Why it didn’t come with batteries for both? This doesn’t make sense to me either.

Either way the bullet is a lovely little size and feels pretty good for such a small toy. It has 7 speed settings, the same as the other toys all varying in different patterns and intensity. The plus side of the material it makes it very easy to clean, also it is not very loud after testing again my partner could not hear it from the other room. Its quite a light weight toy which makes for easier use and your arms is less likely to get tired.


The lubricant that comes with the Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set is a water based lube. This is one detail that they did include on the box and the website: the ingredients.

Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

It comes in tasteful little black lubricant squeezy tube with an off gold writing. The tube has all the usual directions  about directions for use and the ingredients. It also states it’s a water based lubricant which shouldn’t damage your toys (I can’t guarantee this without knowing the material on the rabbit) and can also be used with condoms which is a win.

The lube has a little flip lid for easier and quicker use, which is handy. The lube itself smells very chemical-like which is a super disappointment and feels quite sticky. This seems to leave quite a greasy feeling on the skin afterwards as well. I think for such an expensive kit a lot more could have gone into the lubricant. On both the rabbit and bullet it still leaves quite a greasy feeling but also smooth which obviously is the essential point here.

In Conclusion

Overall the whole Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set I think is worth the price, even when it’s not on sale it is an amazing price for the toys you get and the lubricant.

The only things that let the set down are the lack of information on the products themselves. I personally would not buy something without the whole information first.

In addition, the lack of batteries for both toys not just one. This set had so many good points though; the toy itself is amazing in vibrations and the feel of it generally. The bullet and lubricant are also both amazing. The Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set is a set I would give as a gift, even as a beginner set this is amazing if anyone is starting out buying toys for the first time.


– Fesure Maybe

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe for this review of the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Gift Set. It has previously been on sale at Ann Summers for £45.

This Ann Summers sex toy has product code 79313.

The Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Ann Summers. Thank you! 🙂

Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

Ann Summers Rotating Rampant Rabbit Gift Set Review

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