Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube Review

8 out of 10

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube Review

By Cara Sutra

The Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube was sent along with The Rechargeable One Rampant Rabbit vibrator, which I reviewed recently. Another lube to add to my already extensive sex lubricants collection. The packaging is mainly gold lettering against a black background, with a gold or bronze colour flip top cap. The tube contains 100ml of Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube.

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube Review

Looking closer at the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube my mind went through the following stages:

1. It must be a water based lubricant, it clearly states it’s for use with your Ann Summers Rampant Rabbits – which are silicone.

2. Hang on, on the back of the tube it says it’s a ‘silicone based gel lube’! ~worries~

3. Oh wait, the ingredients state aqua and dimethicone. It’s a hybrid lube. ~phew~

I was also hugely amused to note ‘carrot extracts’ for a lube meant to be used with rabbits.

Ann Summers claim the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube also includes vitamins and moisturising properties  to deliver max pleasure and other benefits. I would like to see the details of which vitamins and why these help you during use, but I guess it’s not a big deal to most people.

Before you use the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube, you need to peel away the foil underneath the twist off, flip top lid. This stops the lube from leaking during storage or transit, a nice added extra that most lube manufacturers don’t invest in, unfortunately. Twist the cap back on and then you can dispense the lube simply by squeezing the tube once the flip top cap is open. It dispenses at a nice pace and as the lubricant is a gel and not a watery liquid, you don’t get a rush of lube which leaves you with an unplanned puddle of goo ahead of time.

The Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube feels almost like an oil based lubricant on the skin. A little like baby oil once rubbed into the hands, without the irritation I always get from baby oil. It coats the skin without being absorbed, and you do need to wash this lube off after use due to the slight slickness remaining on the skin.

As it’s a gel it is also easy to accurately place either on to your sex toy (Rampant Rabbit or otherwise) as well as on finger tips or directly applied to the sexual areas of you or your partner. For female masturbation without sex toys it’s a wonderful addition, making your folds silky soft yet allowing your natural moisture to assist in due course.

The Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube bottle stands upright on the side, and the top can easily be flipped open and closed with one hand, and the lube can be dispensed one handed. Very useful.

This hybrid lubricant lasts for ages; like I mentioned above, the small amount remaining needs to be washed off after use in order to regain that ‘natural flesh’ type feel to the skin. it’s condom friendly, whether latex or otherwise, so no worries there. Ann Summers state that this lubricant is safe to use with all your sex toys, and I had no qualms about using it with my Rampant Rabbit. There’s no damage to be seen, although if you have any worries you could test it on a small part of your silicone sex toy first. most hybrid lubes contain enough water and only a small amount of silicone, so no damage occurs to silicone vibrators and dildos.

I still prefer a 100% water based lubricant for use with sex toys, as I like them to be fully absorbed at some stage instead of having to wash off any lingering traces of lube afterwards. I do like the accuracy of placement and the dispensing style. As the only hybrid lubricant in my collection it has certainly made its mark and I am not opposed to trying other lubricants of this kind in the future. The packaging should state more clearly that this is a hybrid lube, in my opinion.

if you’d like to give the Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Hybrid Lube a try, it’s available at for the usual price of £10.


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  1. Love your review on this lube. Your details about ease of use w one hand, the panic of seeing silicone based on back but knowing it’s not going to nom-nom your toy till it’s gone..all of those important little diddies sold me and I will be trying this lube for sure. Ty

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