Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit Review

7 out of 10

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit Review

As I mentioned in my Ann Summers Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit review, I was delighted to receive three new additions to the Ann Summers Moregasm sex toys collection recently. The Boost rabbit vibe is the largest of the three I received; now I’m moving on to my feedback of two ‘petite’ sex toys. You can click through to read my Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite G-Spot Vibrator review -but for now let’s have a closer look at the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit.

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit Review

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Packaging & What’s In The Box

My Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit arrived in the usual discreet outer packaging for the post, while the rabbit vibe itself is contained in a recognisable Ann Summers box where you can see the toy through the front. The box gives you some information about the vibrator on the reverse, telling you it has 6 functions, is waterproof, made from body-safe silicone and is rechargeable.

Inside the box you receive the Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit, a USB charging lead and an instruction leaflet.

First Impressions & Measurements

The Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit is obviously, as its name suggests, a smaller size rabbit than standard, so would be less intimidating for those new to rabbit vibrators/sex toys and have size anxiety, or else simply know that they prefer/need smaller size vibrators. It’s quite similar is length and shaft curve to the Ann Summers Whisper Quiet G-Spot Petite Rabbit Vibrator I also reviewed, although the clitoral stimulator part isn’t as chunky as the Whisper’s.

Unlike the Whisper Rabbit, but similarly to the other recent Moregasm sex toys I enjoyed, the Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit has a dual-density feel with a squishy tip. I absolutely love this as I feel it makes my pleasure sessions feel more luxurious and more comfortable. It also transmits the vibrations very effectively on my Moregasm+ Bullet Vibrator (one of my top 3 favourite bullets) so I was looking forward to giving this rabbit a try.

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As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the split-ear clit stim style isn’t my favourite but I can see why Ann Summers keep this design on their Rampant Rabbits, as it’s a big part of their brand. I tend to prefer a singular point of clitoral stim on my dual stimulation vibrators.

By my own measurements, the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit measures 7.5 inches in overall length, with an insertable length of 4 inches. The maximum circumference of the shaft is also 4 inches.

Charging Up

It’s nice and easy to charge up the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit. A USB charging lead is included in the box, one end of which pushes through the dimple on the base of the toy, while the other end goes into a USB socket of your choice. I like to use my PC, or my multi USB-to-mains adaptor plug which I bought online.

An LED blinks through the pink silicone covering the control button while the toy is charging, changing to emit a steady glow once it’s fully charged.

During Use

The Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit is both simple and comfortable to use. It has 6 functions, 3 constant speeds and 3 pulsing patterns, which are operated by a single power/operation button on the handle.

Because this rabbit has the squishy, dual-density feel silicone material I mentioned earlier, it feels very comfortable and like it warms quicker to my body temperature than standard vibrators. It’s such a tactile toy.

This rabbit vibrator is smaller than the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit Vibrator I also reviewed, but -unusually, for me- I prefer this one to the Boost. I think it’s a combination of easy controls, that gorgeous squish-tip material and perhaps the smaller size means the vibrations are felt more intensely. Whatever it is, I found the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit much easier to orgasm with than the Boost.

I’m still not a convert to the split-ear style of clitoral stimulator. I find it a little annoying, to be honest, as when I move the vibrator closer to my body, as I naturally do approaching orgasm, the fluttering ceases and the ears aren’t as stimulating as when they’re slightly away from me and able to flutter wildly. But when they’re slightly away from me and fluttering freely, the stimulation isn’t that direct and close-against-me style that gets me off quickly, easily and intensely.

There’s also a risk of the fluttering ears being uncomfortable during use if they catch my clit or surrounds wrongly. This didn’t happen with the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit, I have to say –however, it did during my experiences with the Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit Vibrator. Using lube can help with this to an extent but I find it can also lessen the stimulation felt from the rabbit ears even further, as they then slide off and around rather than tantalising my clit with their fluttery stimulation.

Although I am able to orgasm with the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit, it’s not my favourite sex toy, and I have to work fairly hard to achieve orgasm rather than it coming effortlessly, as it does with other styles of vibrating toys which work better for me.


Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit Review

This rabbit has a lot to offer someone who is a die-hard rabbit fan, particularly those who (literally) get off on split-ear clit stims. The Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit is well-made and thought has obviously gone into the design, with a high standard of manufacture evident in the finished product. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, has 6 functions available through an easy-to-figure operation button, plus it sports that gorgeously tactile squishy-tip silicone I love so much.

Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit Review

Unfortunately, when it came down to it, despite being able to achieve orgasm, this isn’t a toy I’ll be reaching for again and again in the future. Definitely one for the rabbit lovers, who only need low to moderately-high levels of vibrating power in order to achieve orgasm.

Where To Buy Your Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit

If this sounds like the vibrating sex toy for you, you can buy your Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit directly from Or click through the big green button below!

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Thanks so much to Ann Summers for sending me their Ann Summers Moregasm+ Petite Rampant Rabbit free of charge, in exchange for this fair and honest review.

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