Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

10 out of 10

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Lovebirds_x

The original (now discontinued) Just The Ears vibe from Ann Summers has been my go to clitoral toy for many years now, so you could say I was eager to try a new and improved set of ears…okay, I was absolutely thrilled to have the chance to see how the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears compared! ^_^

I tend to use sex toys with my partner more than solo, and so my top priority in a clitoral vibe is that it should be easy, comfortable and effective to use during sex. It’s taken me a while to type up this review because honestly, this toy ticked all the boxes for me and I quite simply fell in love with it, which makes it harder to write about objectively (not to mention concisely).

First impressions count, and with the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears it was love at first sight. If there’s one thing I love about Ann Summers it’s their packaging; the Moregasm ears come in a beautifully designed box that is both sturdy and compact enough to act as a great storage box, albeit not a very discreet one. I think there’s a real luxury feel to the way the toy is presented, plus the double flap makes it feel like you’re unwrapping a present. Exciting!

Once you get past the beautiful packaging, you are met with an equally gorgeous toy. The silicone is the most beautiful vibrant shade of purple (or is it pink?) and, thankfully, the gold detail looks much better in person than it does in the product photos. It’s shiny enough that you can see yourself reflected in it while you’re playing, if that’s your thing.

I love the shape of the toy, it’s super ergonomic and comfortable to hold in any position. The single button is easy to locate during use, you simply have to feel for the raised texture of the ‘R’ and you’ve got it. I swear this toy was made for my hand, it’s such a perfect fit.

I also love how squishy the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears is, softer toys are my favourite so I was excited to see just how soft this toy would be. The ears are made entirely from soft squishy silicone while the body is more solid, although still with a nice amount of padding. You’d think this would affect how well the vibrations travel through them, but I find the tip of the ears to be the strongest part of the toy so I guess not! The softness of the toy combined with the curved shape makes this ideal for using with your partner during sex, it sits so unobtrusively and comfortably between you both it’s amazing. Certainly lives up to the ‘contour’ name. Top priority, check!

Once I was done admiring the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears and turned it on, the first thing that hit me was the noise. Yikes. This has to be the loudest rechargeable vibrator I’ve tried, whatever this low frequency they use is it screams Rampant Rabbit with a capital URRRRRR. There’s no doubt about what you’re up to, and unfortunately my usual methods to muffle noise (duvet, loud music etc) don’t cover it at all even on the lowest speed setting… so this definitely isn’t the best choice for those who need to be discreet or who really find noise off putting.

I wasn’t feeling as enamoured by the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears at this point, and I was sceptical at best at the ‘climax technology’ claim. After all, aren’t all sex toys technically climax technology? One orgasm later, plus a few more to check the first wasn’t a fluke, I had my answer. I didn’t think it was possible, but this toy did indeed deliver the ‘all new experience’ promised on the box.

The vibrations from this Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears are somewhat hard to describe. In my experience people recognise two main categories of vibration; buzzy/shallow and rumbly/deep. This toy I can only describe as buzzy and deep, but not deep in the same way a mains powered wand would be and not buzzy in the way your average cheapo bullet would be. It’s got the power you would expect from a rechargeable vibrator and is certainly stronger than my old battery powered bunny ears, although there’s not as much power as what you’d expect for the noise level.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

The weirdest thing about the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears is that the stimulation didn’t feel all that noteworthy to me, it’s no different or better than any other toy I’ve tried. Good yes, but nothing special. Until I actually had an orgasm from it. Everything was fine, lalala, then BOOM earth shattering orgasm and I’m left there shaking blinking stars from my eyes thinking where did THAT come from?! It’s baffling. From a sex toy that didn’t feel particularly special came the most deep and drawn out orgasm I have ever experienced. Better still, it has delivered the same deep and delicious pleasure every time I’ve used it, whether that be on its own, with an insertable toy or indeed with my partner. It would seem Ann Summers has stumbled across the exact frequency of vibration my body responds to, and frankly I’m very appreciative of that!

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

Once you’re done clean up is quick and easy, just spritz on some toy cleaner, rinse and there you go. Yay for waterproof toys!

Overall, the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears turned out to be my perfect toy in pretty much every respect. The noise is a definite downside, but funnily enough one I ceased to care about once I had used the toy and felt how mind blowing it could be. I feel this toy more than lived up to the claims on the box, which is wonderfully refreshing. I may be biased, but I’m going to give this one a perfect 10/10!

– Lovebirds_x

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Lovebirds_x for this review of the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears (£45 from

This vibrator was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Ann Summers. Thank you! 🙂

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

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Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

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