Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

8 out of 10

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer DivaFoof

So after the trauma of sitting through church at a friend’s baby’s christening (I happily survived and wasn’t struck down by lightening and I didn’t melt for saying the Lord’s Prayer), On the way back to the car, I walked past Ann Summers and ended up buying myself a new toy, the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Vibrator.

I’ve had a internal vibrator from the Moregasm collection for a while, so I was quite intrigued by other toys of the collection. I’ve had the vibrator long enough for it to be an old version, the new versions of the Moregasm collection are softer silicone so that they mould to your body rather than the harder version – though I haven’t go many complaints about my internal vibrator.  The toy I bought and I’m reviewing today is the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears, for external clitoral play.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

On walking into Ann Summers it’s at the back like most of their toy collections. It’s hung on a rack because it’s in a box that has a little rope strap.  The box is 12 x 11 x 6 cm cube.  The front flaps open to show you the toy within a plastic container that has the toy and its charging wire.  Overall the packaging is neat and relatively easy to get into as it’s only taped in.  They had a tester toy out on display for me to fondle so I got chance to turn it on and off before buying, the shop assistant was also really helpful and said that it was one of their most popular.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

The Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears boasts multi-speed, vibrations, rabbit ears, silicone, rechargeable and waterproof.  Since buying from the Moregasm collection; I will never go back to batteries when charging is so convenient. Sorry Duracell, your days are over!   Waterproof and rechargeable you might ask?   The toy has a pin prick hole for you to place the thin metal charger in, which reseals when the charger is not in place. You cannot use the toy whilst it’s charging.   The charger does not come with a plug, so you need to find a 3 pin plug with a USB hole.  Whilst charging a round light flashes in the middle and when its finished charging it stays on solid.  This is the same light that is on when its in use and highlights where you press to turn it on/off/rotate through settings.

I’ve not tried using any USB on my laptop as I’m an avid privacy person and whilst I do not believe this toy connects to the internet in any way; I prefer using a standard 3 pin plug and not taking my vibrators anywhere near my computer or the internet. I’ll happily tell you my review rather than the data being taken without my consent.

The toy is slightly smaller than your average mouse just without the wire!  Though it’s an odd thing shape to try and hold as you don’t hold it like you do a mouse or you’d be pressing on the bunny ears and there aren’t specific indents where you’re expected to put your finger so it takes a few minutes for you get comfortable.

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

The vibrator has no memory on what you last chose, so always starts at the low speed constant buzz and has 6 options. You can’t go back. You can generally tell if it needs charging, as you’ll find you’re starting on the ‘higher’ speeds but otherwise, fantastic piece of kit and no need to shell out on batteries constantly.  It also charges very quickly within the hour you’re fully charged and if it runs flat, by the time you’ve made a cuppa tea or been to the loo; you have enough charge for a quick play but obviously better if you fully charge it.

I got the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears for £36 and there was 20% off, but I understand the offer was ending tonight (16/10/16), and its normal price is £45.  Quite expensive for a clitoral stim vibrator as you can get the whole vibrator plus rabbit ears for not much more but very much worth it especially if you’re like me and don’t want them joined.

For the fact that it moulds against your body, it’s rechargeable, it brought me to orgasm on first use and that look and feel is great, I give the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears an 8.5/10.   It would be 10/10 if it wasn’t such an odd shape to figure out how to hold initially and was a little cheaper.

– DivaFoof

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer DivaFoof for this contributed review of the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears (usually priced at £45)

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Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

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Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Rabbit Ears Review

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