Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring Review

8 out of 10

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Carnal King

We all like it, so why don’t we always put a ring on it? A cock ring that is… Well, the latest Moregasm range from Ann Summers has introduced a new cock ring (the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring) that has couples at the centre of its design philosophy. The reason it’s more couple focused is that it vibrates! Yes, I can hear you now “that’s nothing new CK, cock rings that vibrate have been around for a long time and they only cost as much as large coffee”. Anyone that has ever used a cock ring knows that they have a range of benefits – they can help delay ejaculation and give you a harder and fuller erection. They also come in an array of different styles and are made from lots of materials.

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Whilst all of that is very true, this is the future of how cock rings should be, in my opinion. Ann Summers have taken the mould, tweaked it and then filled it with silicone which is 100% body safe. It isn’t made from TPR or other non-body safe materials, and it also has the added bonus of having a dual-density area for additional comfort whilst in use. Already it’s worth the increased investment cost in my opinion, but the positives list for this cock ring doesn’t just end there.

Firstly, let me just walk you through some of the fundamentals before delving into the details. The Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring has an RRP of £45, it comes neatly packaged and in the box is everything you need. It’s made with a blue silicone and it’s about 11cm tall and 5.5cm at its widest point. The cock ring hole is about 3cm wide but as this is made from silicone it stretches easily up to 7cm, so no issues with getting this on and you can always add a little (water-based) lube to if you feel you need it.

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It’s rechargeable and charges via a USB cable that is supplied, which means that you can easily always keep it topped up, for use whenever you want it. I haven’t let the battery run flat but it has never died on me yet whilst in use, so is great for those longer sessions, and you can be sure you’ll not be let down at a crucial moment! As an added bonus the charging port is covered by self-healing silicone, which makes the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring completely waterproof. So not only can you enjoy using this in the shower or the bath, cleaning is an absolute doddle! Just use some soapy warm water or sex toy cleaner and leave it to dry and it’s ready for your next use. Unfortunately one little niggle I do have with this cock ring is that it doesn’t come with any type of storage bag, nothing major but it would be a nice addition ensuring your Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring stays dust free in the bedside drawer.

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So far so good! This cock ring has everything going for it, but it is advertised for couples use, so now I’ll get to the other reason as to why this is a higher price tag than other cock rings on the market… it’s the vibrations! I find that the cheaper cock rings are often powered by cheap bullet type vibes, that use the length of your cock as a vessel to transport vibrations, so that your partner can feel them. The vibrations are usually focused horizontally across the top of your pecker, with nothing vertical. Yes this works but if you want to get all technical, vibrations will lessen over the distance travelled, meaning that the vibrations felt at the base of your cock are going to be nothing like how it feels at the tip of your cock. This usually means your partner loses out. This however has a quality motor inside, that has 3 different vibration speeds and 3 vibration patterns.

The way the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring is designed, it’s more of an egg shape compared to a traditional ring – which means that the vibrations not only travel from the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring via your shaft, but also when the cock ring meets your partners body, the rose gold plate at the top of the cock ring gets to join in the action and provide stimulation to the clit. My advice would be to experiment with using the Moregasm Contour Ring, you will find that some positions will enhance the pleasure and vibrations more than others. The two most obvious positions are missionary and your partner on top as a good starting point. The latter for me is where I get the full effect of the rumbly vibrations, but don’t be afraid to try it out, as you may find that whilst not every position works for you, you’re still getting the benefits of a traditional cock ring but with the added bonus that you’re both experiencing the vibrations.

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Not to just take my word for it that your partner will enjoy the added vibrations, Carnal Queen was impressed by just how deep the vibrations felt through that rose gold plate. We found that she actually preferred me to wear it the other way round though, so the squidgy dual-density silicone was against her. She said it was more comfortable if I ground into her, but she also felt the vibrations carried better on this side. Also, I should mention that as the motor is located at the top of the extending part, it didn’t make the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring top heavy as you might expect, and it didn’t move around during use which is always an added bonus.

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So overall the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring is a great cock ring for both you and your partner to enjoy. It’s comfortable to wear for longer periods and a has a battery life that matches my love of longer sessions. You can tell it’s well made and has a good level of vibrations. So what are you waiting for? Get to your local Ann Summers store and pick one up today!

– Carnal King

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Carnal King for this review of the Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring (£45 from

This vibrating cock ring was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by Ann Summers. Thank you! 🙂

Ann Summers Moregasm Contour Couples Ring Review

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