Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe Review

5 out of 10

Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe Review

The Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe was kindly sent to me free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review here at the Cara Sutra sex blog. Thanks Ann Summers! I also received the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring.

Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe Review

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My Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe arrived securely packaged in discreet outer packaging. The toy itself is in a stylish box recognisable as part of the Fusion sex toys collection. It has an image of the product on the front, while the rest of the box gives you some brief details about the sex toy.

What’s In The Box

The silicone panty vibe and remote control are held in a moulded, black plastic insert which is revealed upon opening the box. I must note here that the box was sealed with tabs for hygiene reassurance – a much appreciated detail.

Underneath the panty vibrator and remote I found a little instruction leaflet, and the USB charging lead.


Wondering about the actual size of the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe? Here we go:

The vibrator is 4 inches in overall length, and 1.8inches across the widest part. He circumference of the widest part is 4.2 inches, and the thinnest part near the tip is not even a cm thick.

As for the remote control, it’s 3 inches in length and 1.6 inches across the widest part.

Instruction Leaflet

Charging Up

Charging the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe and remote control is very easy, thanks to the included USB lead. Unfortunately, your waiting time is doubled due to the fact that there’s one lead provided which is used to charge the vibrator and the remote control –but only one at a time.

The jackpin end is pushed through the resealing silicone port for it on the base of the vibrator, next to the power/operation button. Or, when charging the remote, into the hole for it on the reverse of the controller.

The other end goes into any USB port you fancy. I like to use the ones on the front of my PC while I’m in the office, or my multi USB to mains adaptor plug while in the bedroom. These are SO handy and can be picked up easily from online stores (click to browse a selection: UK / USA).

While charging, a white LED blinks behind the power button (on either the vibrator or remote, depending which you’re charging at the time), which changes to emit a steady glow once the item is fully charged.

My Review

I had high hopes for my new Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe, because I absolutely love & regularly use another of Ann Summers’ clitoral stimulators. The Ann Summers Moregasm Plus Bullet Vibrator is among my top 3 favourite bullet vibes –and I’ve tried a lot of bullet vibes over the years.

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Usual Panty Vibe Issues

Back to panty vibrators. The most common issues I’ve personally experienced with panty vibes are:

  • They don’t stay in the right place
  • They do stay in the right place, but they don’t give the right sort of stimulation for me (not clitorally pinpoint enough/doesn’t stay in constant contact with my body)
  • The vibrations aren’t powerful enough
  • Too teasing rather than a definite route to orgasm, due to lack of power, lack of constant contact, lack of precision in the stimulation placement or all of the above. I want to know I can eventually bring myself to orgasm with a sex toy, not risk infinite frustration (the bad kind) which ends up with me flinging it across the room in favour of one of my ‘guaranteed O’ sex toys.

I realise a lot – if not all – of the above is personal preference, what may not work for me might be perfect for you, your mileage may vary, my sex toy reviews are just my own opinions based on my experiences, and all the usual disclaimers. If a toy doesn’t work for me personally, that’s what I’ll report.

How Did This Panty Vibe Measure Up?

Unfortunately, I was reunited with plenty of the above issues when playing with the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe.

Although I appreciate the fact that this vibrator is made with silicone, it’s rechargeable, and has a wireless remote control, it isn’t the right style of sex toy for me. I didn’t find the vibrations felt powerful enough when they had to travel through the silicone material. The thinner part felt nice when I held it slightly away from my body, but when used as intended, as a panty vibe, the vibrator was flush against my body therefore there was no flickering movement going on. The vibrations therefore felt muffled and weaker than they may have otherwise done, as I was walking about or sitting with a shaped piece of silicone where the vibrations had to emit through the entire body of the toy from one motor near the base.

Vibrations which travel through a sex toy material and which are ‘lay-on’ vibrators aren’t as effective for me personally. I prefer the pinpoint style of vibration given by a small, hand-held bullet vibrator, or the jackhammer, thuddy style vibrations which roar through the head of a magic wand vibrator. I enjoy pressing the head to my clit and having a powerful orgasm ripped from me (whether I like it or not – that’s how it feels!).

To me, the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe felt like a meekly vibrating piece of silicone in my underwear, which I could switch to even weaker vibration or various patterns at whim using the remote control.

This isn’t a sex toy I’ll be using again, because I don’t enjoy being merely lightly teased in my vulval area for an ongoing period of time with no promise of an imminent orgasm.


In my opinion, the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe could be a great option for someone who doesn’t like or require extremely powerful vibrations from their vulval/clitoral stim sex toy. Perhaps you prefer light to medium vibrations, teasing vibes, and/or just want an elongated period of teasing, panty-based vibration through the day/for a short while before couple’s play to get you ‘in the mood’.

Another great use for this panty vibrator would be someone with a vulva who identifies with and enjoys the submissive side of power play exploration. The remote control can be handed to a partner and the teasing ripples of gentle vibes through the sexual region could be a delightful addition to tease and denial orgasm control sessions (in or out of the bedroom) or as part of an ongoing orgasmless chastity.

Sadly, I don’t fit into any of the above scenarios, therefore the Ann Summers Fusion Remote Panty Vibe isn’t the toy for me. I like to go get my damn orgasm whenever the hell I want it –or have them ripped from me when using the most powerful vibrators, enjoying an onslaught of extremely strong, juddering vibrations exactly where I want and need them.

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