Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

8 out of 10

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

By Tigerlily

If there’s one name associated with butt play for men the world over, it’s Aneros. Their products are legendary, and their latest model, the Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager, is an evolution of an iconic design. Can it help you achieve the ultimate state of sexual enlightenment? Maybe!

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Design and Packaging

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

The Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager is presented in a luxury red box with a magnetic clasp, giving an immediate premium feel before you’ve even touched the toy.

Now, you might view this as completely unnecessary and over-the-top, but since there’s no storage pouch, you shouldn’t dispose of the box. In fact, the book-like shape of the box lends itself to being conveniently hidden alongside your bedtime reading.

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

Inside sits the Aneros Trident MGX Syn, in a black plastic tray, and a single page instruction guide. There’s nothing else. No charging cables, no lube, no bits and certainly no bobs. Just the Aneros itself. It’s all gone a bit zen already and we haven’t even touched it yet.

Size & Weight

The insertable part of the toy measures about 9cm, with 3.5cm of that being a very thin ridged neck, and the latter a “bean” shape, which is what will touch your prostate. The widest diameter of the Trident MGX Syn is just 2.5cm, so even absolute beginners should have no trouble inserting this. The entire thing weighs a mere 36g.

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

Material & Flexibility

The Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager is made of luxuriously smooth body-safe black silicone, except for the two coloured plastic dots on the tabs. However, there’s absolutely no squish or bend in the main body of the toy–I’d guess there’s a solid plastic core. This rigidity is necessary so any movement is directly converted into sensations on the prostate. Any flexibility in the toy would mean the effect was dampened. While squishiness can be beneficial for anal when someone else is in control, the whole purpose of the Aneros is to master your own body without external input.

P&K Tabs

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

The two protrusions from the base of the toy which extend each about 4-5cm in a curled fashion apparently have a purpose. They’re called the Perineum tab (with the red dot) and Kudalini tab (with the white dot). These are often shortened to just P-tab and K-tab. They’re both supposed to stimulate their own respective erogenous zones, but to be honest I didn’t feel either of them added to the overall experience.

The perineum is a medical term for the space between your anus and genitals; it’s on the other side of this that your prostate lies. In theory, alternating stimulation here and on your actual prostate should be great, though to what extent the external pressure contributes to the overall feeling compared to internal stimulation is debatable.

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

Kudalini is a Hindu term for energies located at the base of your spine, so the potential for that to do anything for you probably depends on your ability to believe in pseudoscience like acupuncture.

Of course, even if these P and K-tabs do nothing in particular for you, they serve the obvious purpose of stopping the toy from being sucked inside. In that respect, they work fantastically. I’ve fallen asleep many times with the Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager inside of me now, with no accidents.

Achieving the Super-O

Since many of the Aneros prostate massagers are entirely manual, you’ll find entire books (or at least a subreddit) written about the perfect technique to using one. It all builds to achieving the legendary “Super-O”, as they like to call it. This is, apparently, much better than a typical prostate orgasm. And when I say it’s a manual toy, I don’t mean you use your hands to wiggle anything. Rather, you’ll use your butt muscles for an entirely hands-free experience.

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

The basics are simple: there are two sets of muscles you’ll need to use. Those are your Kegel muscles, and sphincter. The sphincter is easy: that’s your butthole, and you probably don’t need me to tell you how to squeeze it. Your Kegel muscles are further inside, and they’re the ones you’d use to stop yourself peeing mid-stream.

As you contract both these muscle groups, the Aneros Trident MGX Syn will naturally push against your prostate. The exact techniques boil down to how fast you should squeeze and precisely when.

The best time, I found, was before bed. There you’re free to spend as long as you like practising techniques, and even if you don’t quite make it, it’s still a delightful way to fall asleep.

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

I’ll admit, after weeks of practice I have yet to achieve the super-O, but I’m getting there. The best I’ve managed is a sort of immensely pleasurable “quivering”, where my muscles take over and tremble without my input. It tends to last a good minute or two before subsiding.

During Sex

The Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager isn’t just for solo play though: wearing one during intercourse can be immensely pleasurable too. Thrusting while you have the Aneros inserted should allow it to naturally stimulate your prostate too, resulting in more powerful orgasms. And in my experience, that was absolutely the case… though I’ve found it’s also true of many anal toys. Having any sort of anal stimulation during sex makes everything better!

Should You Buy the Aneros Trident MGX Syn?

Regular use of the Trident MGX Syn isn’t just going to (hopefully) bring you to a hands-free orgasm, it’s also going to improve your overall sexual wellness and health in general. Kegel exercises are recommended for preventing incontinence, and if you’re going to do some anyway you might as well get some actual pleasure from them.

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

But let’s be honest, you’re paying for the brand. It’s a simple toy and $70 is a lot of money to spend on a nicely shaped chunk of silicone. If you’re confident you’ll enjoy it and want to purchase from a respected brand made of guaranteed body-safe materials, then it’s worth every penny. You’re not just buying a sex toy, you’re buying into an experience and the years of expertise that Aneros have. Sometimes it’s worth paying more.

Despite being marketed as suitable for beginners, I’d suggest you start with something cheaper just to see if you like the sensation; or if it’ll even fit. That’ll inform your purchase all the better when you do decide to buy an Aneros. The problem with these sort of toys (whether they’re designed to hit his p-spot or her g-spot), is that everybody’s anatomy is unique. For me, the Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager just didn’t quite reach. Since I’m on the larger side, I need something bigger and longer. It’s still pleasurable, but ever so slightly misses the mark.

Another reason you might want to think twice is the sheer time commitment that this kind of self-driven prostate play can require. Patience and the right frame of mind is critical. If you want a hands-off P-spot orgasm, there are better toys that’ll service you with little effort and in record time (like the Nexus Revo range).

The Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager is the thinking man’s prostate toy; the ultimate zen of butt play.

I score the MGX Trident Syn a butt-worthy 8/10, but only if you’re prepared to invest the time needed to master it.

– Tigerlily

Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

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Aneros Trident MGX Syn Prostate Massager Review

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