Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts Review

6 out of 10

Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts Review

By Bondagegod1

When viewing the products that were available for testing in March Pleasure Panel round the Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts stood out to me as they appeared to be a pair of boxers that could be regularly as well as being a sexy pair to enjoy in the bedroom, which arrived for review thanks to the Cara Sutra Pleasure Panel.


Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts Review

The Boxer Shorts arrived cellphone wrapped inside a oversized cardboard sleeve, with two images of a male model highlighting the assets the shorts brings during wear.

There is a light shine to finished appearance of the black wet look material, which does have a suitable amount of stretch to provide a tight fitted piece of underwear. The front supported central pouch adds a sexiness to the shorts especially with the black plastic zip that provides a fun and imaginative ways for your lover to undo and find the treats that awaits underneath.

Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts Review

Slipping the Boxer Shorts on they did feel immediately comfortable while there is a inner strip of fabric to prevent any unwanted painful moments when fastening the zip up. During daily wear the boxers feel a treat to wear as they do allow you to feel sexy and looking mighty impressive especially as my package is looking mighty impressive, with the combination of the supported pouch and tight fit of the shorts.

In the bedroom the Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts do create an eye catching appearance as my wife loved the sight of me in the wet look finish as this does excite her as my best assets are on show for her to enjoy the touch and feel. Especially as the wet look shows of my bum cheeks, while some sexual fun can begin while still remaining in the boxers as it added to the excitement as my wife played,teased with me as the shorts are a delightful sexy piece of male underwear.

I do feel the Boxer Shorts are best worn solely in the bedroom because when worn regularly the zip doesn’t stay fastened up and regularly comes un-done. I do feel this is where the shorts would have benefited from having a metal zip instead of a plastic one.

The shorts are one size fits most. I am 30” waist and with the impressive amount of stretch to the material as the shorts are capable to suit larger waist sizes.

Washing of the shorts I put them through a machine wash where they washed up perfectly, for drying I put them through the tumble dryer as they remained in the quality in which they arrived in.

Overall the Boxer Shorts are a pair of wet look boxers that are comfortable to wear.  As they can leaves you feeling sexy as the wet look material highlights all of your assets to give you a pair of male underwear that can be a treat for both partners to enjoy.The front zipped opening creates a naughty and teasing element for your lover to enjoy in the bedroom.

Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts Review

I’d like to thank Cara for sending me the Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.

With the issue of the zip not staying securely fastened up during regular wear, I would give these particular boxer shorts are rating of 6/10.

– Bondagegod1


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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Bondagegod1 for this review of the Allure Zeus Wet Look Zip Front Boxer Shorts (One Size).


This product was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Cara Sutra team.

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