Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress Review (Plus Size)

5 out of 10

Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress Review

By Miss Scarlet

The Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress (One Size Plus Size) consists of a bodice of floral lace, and a wet look mini skirt – the fabric is stated as being four-way stretch. The dress features a high neckline with a halter neck that is fastened with strips of Velcro. The skirt has a slit on the left-hand side over the thigh.



The dress is packaged within a sturdy cardboard box, which depicts a model wearing the Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress.


The Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress is manufactured from 90% polyester and 10% elastane.  The washing instructions state that it should be hand-washed only, not tumble-dried and a cool iron used. It is suitable for dry-cleaning.


The dress is ‘one size fits all’, and according to the product page on the lingerie website it will fit UK sizes 16-22.  The box for the Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress just refers to ‘one size’ and ‘plus size’; there is no reference to any specific measurements. The online size guide on the product page of their website states a bust size of 40″ – 49”. My overbust measurement is 44”, which is in the middle of the range for this product; my bra size is generally a 38FF.

The dress fitted quite tightly across my bust, which meant that my boobs were somewhat flattened. The lace material is very stretchy, but the strain of my boobs on the lace pulled the neckline down too low on my chest.  This also meant that the sides of the product didn’t sit in the right position. This problem would be alleviated if the neck fastening could be tied rather than being secured in just one position with a thick and unattractive strip of Velcro.

I tried to tie the straps in a knot rather than use the Velcro, and I did find that the top was better positioned across my boobs and gave me a better shape. However, this was a temporary fix just for this review, as it was quite uncomfortable around my neck due to the position of the Velcro.

If I want to wear the dress again, I will try and and adjust the neck fastening in some way so that the top is positioned correctly.  But, quite clearly, the Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress is not big enough ‘up top’, despite my bust measurement being well within its size range.

The dress is cut quite low at the rear, meaning that my back was considerably exposed. However, I like this effect and, if I say so myself, thought it looked quite sexy from behind.

The skirt section of the dress seemed to fit adequately and did have some room to stretch a bit further. The stated waist size is 32″ – 41” and hips 42″ – 49″. My waist is 37” and my hips are 43”. These measurements, again, fall mid-point in the range advertised for this product. The skirt is flat-fronted and, when combined with the clinginess of the wet-look material, doesn’t hide any lumps and bumps.

I do like the slit over the left thigh, which adds a bit more sexiness.


This dress is a fun and sexy item of lingerie. My issue with it is the size. It is advertised as ‘plus size’, but it isn’t cut very generously across the bust. My bust measurement was mid-range and the top was too tight.  I feel that a tie neck fastening would provide greater flexibility for accommodating each individual’s shape and body size. A tie fastening would also be more attractive than a thick strip of Velcro.

Allure Lingerie Kitten Wet Look Halter Dress Review

I am dubious as to whether this dress would fit a size 22 and maybe even a size 20 would be pushing it. I think it’s more realistic to state the size as 16-18.


– Miss Scarlet

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