Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy Review

8 out of 10

Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy Review

By Miss Doll

It’s review time again here at Pleasure Panel labs, and this time the object of my attention is a sultry, seductive piece of lingerie: the Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy.


I was instantly seduced by the high cut that highlights the hips, making any figure look curvier, and by the wet look details: I thought this was a great opportunity to try how comfortable really is the ‘4-way stretch’ material used by this fetish-wear manufacturer I kept my eyes on for a while, before investing in a catsuit or a pair of leggings.

The attractive, fashionable outer packaging, with the photo of a gorgeous model making my mind wonder about how the item will fit on my own body, hides inside a translucent sealed plastic bag where my new teddy is stored in perfect hygienic conditions. On the outer box I don’t see any washing instructions: I’ll have to look for the label!

Once I have the beautiful black lace teddy out of its packaging laying on my bed, I can immediately understand it will fit great on me: the high cut on the hips is really as high as I expected, and not only an illusion created in the photo by the super-long legs of the model.

Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy Review

The Y shape of the very high cut thong on the back of the Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy also is very attractive to me. This is usually the shape that flatters my hips (and booty!) the most, but it is quite difficult to find. Apart form very specialised brands of lingerie and fetish-wear you only find in sex shops, I have never found a cut like this: you won’t find something similar at Victoria’s Secret.

I confess I was expecting a softer, more silky on the skin lace: however for a medium price tag, since the item costs only £22.95, this is fine. The teddy looks very delicate and I try my best not to ruin it immediately with my nails or by entangling it in the ring on my finger. Looks like it will need to be worn with the same care and attention you would reserve to an item made of fishnet or other delicate fabric, prone to get holes.

But let’s come to what I really wanted to test: the vinyl-like wet look material, advertised by Allure lingerie as ‘4-way-stretch’. It’s not as shiny as latex or vinyl, but it’s way more stretchy and lightweight. Looks more like Lycra to be honest and I’m sure it will be comfy once worn.

The only details made in 4-way stretch wet look material are the thong and the belts around back and waist. The thong has a cotton gusset for comfort and hygiene.

Now it’s time to put on my new Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy to see how it fits: wearing it is less difficult than expected because of the stretchy fabric, that lets me understand why this item is one size.

The first impression I get is that the high cut gives me exactly the look I was longing for: an optical effect of curvier hips and bum, and longer legs. Whoa! The belt detail on the back also is gorgeous and classy, and the halterneck gives support to my not-super-big boobies, giving my figure the gift of a nice push-up effect.

Most importantly, the wet look material is more comfortable and breathable than expected: I wore this at least 8 hours under my usual day clothes at work (with the added spicy detail of the lace halter neck showing from under my hoodie) and I didn’t feel sweaty at all, nor uncomfortable.

I’ve already washed my teddy with my usual lingerie washing product and cold water, then I put it to dry on a flat surface to avoid it losing its shape: it still looks like new after a fair amount of uses.

The comfy feel of the ‘4-way stretch’ material has convinced me and I’ll finally try some wet look catsuits and leggings from the same brand: I’ve been longing for a while after latex and PVC fetishwear, but I did never dare to try it because of the fear to feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Allure lingerie has invented the alternative to this kind of unpractical materials to make sexy lingerie accessible to everyone!

– Miss Doll

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Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer Miss Doll for this review of the Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy (One Size).


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