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8 out of 10

After Midnight Scream CBD Lube Review (30ml bottle)

After Midnight Scream CBD Lube review by GayonTuesdays

Understanding CBD

A rising trend in the sex toy industry is the use of CBD in products. For those unfamiliar with CBD, CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component of marijuana. CBD has been on the rise to help combat the big pharmaceutical boom. It seems these days there is a pill or a cocktail of pills that will solve your every problem, but at what cost? The CBD industry seeks to break down all these barriers both financial and chemical making pleasure or pain relief more accessible. I had to do some research to understand the exact sexual benefits of this product, because though I had a wealth of knowledge about body safe products and beyond CBD is very new for me.

What my research has found; the use of CBD is sought to help with vaginal lubrication and inflammation/relaxing the muscles in or around the vagina. I am sure this applies to anal use as well, though I found no specific mention to it. A lot of the companies generating these products use gendered language, and it seems CBD is highly geared towards vulva owning people. The idea behind using CBD in sexual wellness products is to help offset some anatomical reactions to various sex acts that then result in a more pleasurable mindset. These products are not designed to get you high or something like this, it’s a subtler experience.

After Midnight Scream Details

After Midnight Scream CBD Lube Review

Once I had a firmer grasp on what I might experience with I was read to Work with After Midnight SCREAM. Like many CBD sexual products After Midnight uses all natural ingredients, 4 to be exact:

  1. CBD Isolate (zero THC)
  2. Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  3. Organic Liquid Coconut Oil
  4. Vitamin E

I am always hesitant with oil-based products for lubricants because contrary to popular belief oils are not always the better option. It is difficult for your body to break down the oil molecules, however, upon further inspection I realised SCREAM is an “intimate oil”. What’s the difference? SCREAM specifically states this is or topical use only to to be mistaken for a lubricant. With that in mind everything checks out.

When examining the ingredients I also noticed the instructions for SCREAM, beyond the mention of topical use, I realised SCREAM was subtler than expected. The full effects take effect after 20-30 minutes, so I suggest massaging this in before doing some mundane task like cleaning or even school work. Just half a pump is all that’s needed so this 250MG/30ML bottle should last you awhile.

SCREAM comes in a blacked out glass bottle, I believe the glass is used to prevent any chemicals from cheap plastic seeping into your intimate oil. SCREAM is discrete and easy to hide in a drawer or even out, as the bottle itself does not resemble your usual sexual wellness product. The secure plastic cap over the pump ensures only you have access to SCREAM, no spills. The pump itself is also just as tough, you must use some deliberate action to get the contents out. The pump also works to measure the proper amount of SCREAM so you do not waste a single drop. I think the entire packaging of SCREAM aims to keep your product secure from spills or leaks. Which is a major pro because I cannot count the amount of times I have had my bottles of lube spill or leak.

The After Midnight SCREAM experience

After Midnight Scream CBD Lube Review

So how was it, after all the research, examination, and 20-30 minute wait? Honestly, it was so so, my first crack at SCREAM was while I was writing, actually. I to prevent myself from prematurely using SCREAM I would put it on when I am occupied. I applied the half pump to my vulva and clitoral area and got back to work. This idea was also meant to inspire me to finish my work in a timely matter, however, I got too into my writing and though I felt the effects slowly coming to play; I fought my urges and kept writing. This was difficult, I could feel myself become aroused. I felt blood moving to my vulva.

Everything started very slow, I started to feel the effects about 25 minutes in and they lasted about 15- 25 minutes. The longer I waited the more intense it was, I felt myself throbbing and just aching for some kind of stimulation; this was the ultimate tease. By the time I finished my work everything had worn off, so a total failure on my part.

The next couple of uses I used SCREAM when watching a short show I had no attachment to, to guarantee I did not miss out again. The results were spectacular, though my foreplay was not as intense as before, where I was aching and grinding while doing work my orgasm was mind blowing. I used more than recommended which had its pros and cons. Pros being an intense orgasm and being unbelievably wet, I practically slid to my bedroom to masturbate. While the cons of using too much were I felt slightly desensitised around my clit; things were either so intense or meh. Also, I got a yeast infection from using too much SCREAM. So there is a science to using SCREAM, that’s for sure. I think you have to be aware of yourself and your time when you set out to use it. Overall though, I love the product and understand CBD side of things now.

Recommending & Rating

I would rate SCREAM at an 8; the results are great, you just have to be prepared to use SCREAM. I subtracted 2 points because of consistent use leading to the yeast infection. Though of my doing I am sure it’s a common problem, so maybe a small warning would be great. As for recommending SCREAM, I would surly recommend it to anyone curious about the CBD trend or someone who struggles with desire or relaxing their muscles. SCREAM can be found at After Midnight’s website for £32.50 which may seem steep but this bottle will surely last you, as long as you stick with the recommended usage amount. Trust me: mind blowing orgasms and the ultimate tease are surely worth it.


– GayonTuesdays

Where To Buy

Thanks to Pleasure Panel reviewer GayonTuesdays for this review of the After Midnight Scream CBD Lube.


The After Midnight Scream CBD Lube was sent free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review by the Pleasure Panel, by After Midnight. Thank you! 🙂 

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8 out of 10
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