Adam & Eve Rechargeable Magic Massager 2.0 – Hella Rude Review

8 out of 10

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Magic Massager 2.0 – Magic Wand Vibrator

Review by Hella Rude

The Hitachi Magic Wand is undoubtedly one of the most famous sex toys in the world, and it’s also a bit of a sore point for us Brits. Because Hitachi never sought to CE mark their infamous vibrating massager, most of us have never got to sample the delights of the housewives’ worst-kept secret. Thankfully there are plenty of toy manufacturers who have adapted and perfected the microphone-style of the wand vibrator and one of those companies is US brand Adam & Eve.

Temptations Direct sent me the Adam & Eve Rechargeable Magic Massager 2.0 to review and asked me what I thought of it compared to the other wands I’ve tried.
Adam & Eve Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Hella Rude Review

How it Looks

The design is pretty retro, but it’s been given an update with a deep purple body and matching silicone head. It doesn’t have the sexy looks of the Lelo Smart Wand, but it’s more attractive than most wand vibrators on the market.

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Hella Rude Review

The packaging is a-typical of this American brand: A simple white box with lots of words and a picture of an orange woman with hair extensions brandishing the wand in an awkward fashion. Not exactly gift worthy, but not as bad as the days of old.

How Easy is it to Set Up?

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Hella Rude Review

Setting up the wand is going to be your first hurdle and I’m afraid to say that if you have any kind of problem with your hands or grip, you’re going to find it tricky. The removable silicone wand head is supported by two foam inserts and it takes a bit of faffing to get the head on and off. If you’re looking for a disability-friendly vibe, this is probably one to avoid.
I recommend putting the foam into the silicone head and then slipping the wand inside. You’ll need to uncurl the silicone head and pull it down over the tip of the wand and this is a little fiddly. It’s much more difficult to add the foam to the wand tip and then pull over the cover.

On the plus side, the removable head makes it much easier to keep clean compared to the Lovehoney Magic Wand. You have no worries about getting the electronic components wet and there are also no awkward grooves in the head that need a toothbrush to keep it clean. For this reason alone I already prefer the Adam & Eve model, keeping the Lovehoney Magic Wand Vibrator clean has always been an annoyance, so it’s been consigned to the bottom of the drawer. To clean the Adam & Eve Wand Vibrator, simply slip off the silicone head and give it a good wash in the sink and allow it to air dry. Simple!

An initial charge time of 8 hours means it’s definitely not one of those toys you can play with straight away. I’d recommend making sure you’re home to collect it from the postman so it’s charged in time for lights out. The wand does get quite hot while on charge, so make sure you rest it somewhere suitable.Once charged you’ll get around an hour of play. That might not seem like much, but once you experience it in operation you’ll soon forgive this minor flaw.
Adam & Eve Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Hella Rude Review
How it Performs

Be prepared for impressive power. I was woefully disappointed with the Lelo Smart Wand because of its low resonance, but I’m pleased to say Adam & Eve have nailed the power element.

Most wand vibrators are mains powered because it’s troublesome to pack so much power into a rechargeable or battery-powered toy. Whatever witchcraft Adam & Eve have put inside this vibe gives mains-powered wands a real run for their money, I was seriously impressed.

Unfortunately that power comes with a whole lot of noise. It’s louder than some of the other wands I’ve tried, but still not as loud as some! I wouldn’t recommend this one for use in a shared or family home unless everyone is out or there’s some loud music on. Unfortunately it isn’t water resistant so using it in the shower is out.

The vibrations are nice and deep, so it would be unlikely that anyone would have any complaints about its performance. The only down side to the design is that the tip is a little awkward to get into position and it’s virtually impossible to keep in place when lubricated. Although the packaging recommends that you use plenty of your favourite lube on the tip, I’m inclined to tell you not to bother unless you’re using it for body massage.

In terms of orgasmic potential, I have zero complaints. The power is nice and consistent and the two different levels offer a gradual incline. The lower level can feel quite intense at first, but your body will soon become accustomed to the sensations, allowing you to amp up to max power. In my experience this wand isn’t as quick or efficient at producing O’s as a bullet vibe, mainly because you lose the precise stimulation thanks to the larger size. However the extra build up time pays off as when you do reach climax, it’s intense and long lasting.

My favourite thing about this wand is the lack of wires. My other wands (albeit the Lelo Smart Wand, which I abandoned in disappointment) are all mains powered and although that means there are no fears about power running down, it’s a real pain in the ass when you’re trying to enjoy the fluid and non-restrictive movements you’re accustomed to during lovemaking. For that reason alone I’ll be reaching for the Adam & Eve wand during partner play.

Should I Buy the Adam & Eve Rechargeable Magic Massager 2.0?

Yes! For the money you pay you get a lot of wire-free fun and it’s definitely worth the cash. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time for a full charge and have a free house to play in!

Temptations Direct currently sell this wand vibrator for £69.99 with free UK delivery.

– Hella Rude


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