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7 out of 10

A Different Kind Of Therapy by Charlotte Howard, Book Review

By Pleasure Panel reviewer Fesure Maybe

I originally asked to review A Different Kind Of Therapy by Charlotte Howard because myself being a psychology student and wanting to be a counsellor, I thought this book might make my studies a little more exciting. Oh did my studies become more exciting. This story was a lot different to other stories I had read in more ways than one.


A Different Kind Of Therapy by Charlotte Howard Book ReviewThe basis of the story, A Different Kind Of Therapy, is around a women called Hayley who herself is a psychology student. She applies for to be mentored where an alternative type of counselling is used to help the clients, which she is not sure about but has previously fantasied about. The story is BDSM based which is one of my main fetishes so this made the story more appealing to me.

I would say its light BDSM compared to some of the stuff I have read previously which makes it good for anyone to who is newly into reading erotica especially in a short story format as it makes for easy reading and simple pleasure to give someone a teasing insight to what heavier BDSM could be like.


Towards the end of the story it turned into more of a love story which let it down a little at the end as I found it incredibly cheesy almost in a way but I think this is purely because I don’t tend to enjoy that sort of thing. Anyone who enjoys romance then this is definitely a book for them as it has a lot of it throughout the story with the main character becoming intimate with her boss (I wont say anymore as it will ruin the ending).

I do think in the detailed bits where they talk about the BDSM scenes or any form of intimacy I do find that it is lacking in details. Using this book as a form of porn just didn’t work for me as it didn’t give me the images in my head to use as a aid, but as a story to read it is definitely good in that way as it’s an interesting story consisting of Will she won’t she depending on how she feels about BDSM. I found this to be a good length too for a story as it wasn’t too long

Overall, I think I would recommend A Different Kind Of Therapy to people as a softer porn read but not for people who are into more hard-core things. This is definitely a more gentle introduction into the world of erotica which is good for beginners.


– Fesure Maybe

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A Different Kind Of Therapy by Charlotte Howard Book Review

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