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Will Anal Sex Toys Make Me Gay? | Men’s Sex Health

A man who enjoys using a butt plug. Does that notion conjures up any homosexual connotations for you? Then you have fallen prey to one of the most common and persistent sexuality myths. When it comes to men's sex health, a surprising number of guys are questioning, "will anal sex toys make me gay?"

Best Erotic Books To Read At The Beach On Your Summer Holiday

Well the sun has finally made its appearance here in the UK, with a few warm days gracing the nation and promises of more to come. If you're planning taking in a few rays this summer, whether from the comfort of your back garden or popping to the beach, you might want to take a book with you to help those hours drift happily by.

Bi curious? The truth about lesbian relationships

Well the good thing about bad moods is that it often leads to make up sex, and with two women it's really something else. Once again, there's no man, so no penis. I'm talking about lesbian sex without the use of sex toys, Feeldoes and the like. You do of course have some other very important areas to use to stimulate each other instead. Fingers, lips, tongue, teeth; but most important of all, your minds.

How do I find a girl to satisfy my bi-curious desires?

Dear Cara, How can I find a girl to be intimate with? I am a shy lady, in late twenties and only just coming to...

Erotic Book Review: Smoking Boss Bitch [A Sub-Male Smoking Fetish Fantasy] by Cameron Lincoln

4 out of 10
  Smoking Boss Bitch  by Cameron Lincoln I started to read this short story with interest, being a bisexual Domme myself. The smoking fetish is one...

Erotic Book Review: Named & Shamed by Janine Ashbless

10 out of 10
Named and Shamed Warning: This is the hottest book you will read this year. Seriously. I am still in shock. A colourful blend of the worlds of...

Monogamy, Polygamy and Polyamory – What Do They Mean to Modern Society?

By Hella Rude While enjoying the decadent pleasures of Sziget Festival in Budapest I received a call from Lovehoney's PR requesting some press quotes on the subject of polygamy. Unfortunately the context wasn't explained fully and from a transcribed explanation of the differences between polygamy and polyamory, a relatively confusing series of quotations were published in relation to an article on Female First.

Sexy Stories

Sexy Stories by Cara Sutra Welcome to the Cara Sutra sex blog where you can find countless free sexy stories and erotic tales to seduce...

Sleeping in bondage

I've had a penchant for sleeping in bondage ever since I was old enough to know what those needs are, that ache to be spanked and fucked and to masturbate in the dark of night. Those late teenage hormonal induced desires which made me aware of not only my sexual self, and the fact that I'm bisexual, but I'm also one kinky fuck who loves bondage.