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Reduced To A Machine By Mistress

He believed he had just felt a cool breeze, a waft of air from the outside world. His naked body would certainly be sensitive to such a thing. He knew, in reality however, that it could not be true. His room of confinement was deep inside the complex, many rooms from the nearest window or door to the outside world.

Women Compare Vaginas In A Revealing Show And Tell

By Cara Sutra: Perhaps even the Stone Age man got a bit intimidated over cave paintings and phallic statues at times. Do women compare vaginas? Or is genital comparison just a guy thing?

First-Time All Female Sex Worker Session

The streaming water hit my naked skin hard, hot and cathartic. I stood under the shower and enjoyed having time to focus on the night's plans. I lathered up, letting my hands roam over my breasts, soapy fingers sliding over my nipples. The job was different from usual. A woman this time. I'd fucked plenty of women before of course, but what was unusual was a woman actually paying for me to come do it. My usual clients were men of all ages, income, shape and size. I turned the prospect of a new job, this new client, over in my mind. Did it really matter? No. Fuck, I was actually looking forward to it. My fingers roamed in their cleaning duty, sliding between my legs to where my excitement had gathered along with the streaming lather under the steamy water. The temptation to toss myself off right then and there in the shower was strong but I managed to just about keep a hold of myself. Clients could always tell if you were genuinely turned on, and were more likely to rebook an enthusiastic girl. Might as well use that sex drive for her leisure turned business pursuit. My strong libido was such a great earner. There hadn't been much on the email that came through about the job. Gender, obviously, and I'd quickly replied that no, a woman wasn't a problem, I'd told them I was bisexual when I joined. Age, 26. Younger than me but old enough. Clean bill of sex health. Something I was glad I insisted on being checked before any client call. Address. I'd booked a taxi which was due to pick me up in less than an hour. I'd better quick-step it out of the shower if I wanted to be dried and dressed in time.

I feel sorry for the guy with two penises

Not because he’s got two penises. Not because I feel that he’s some kind of freak of nature who deserves my pity. Because of the world’s reaction to him. The man with two penises. That’s how he’s described everywhere, that’s the sum of who he is. Ok sure; so he did go to the media and get them to cover his story from this angle. He has written a book and is making money off the fact that he sexes in stereo. I still feel sorry for him. Ever since he was young he has had to get used to the fact that he was different to other people. Many people go through this, it’s true. Happily, he started with an optimistic outlook, assuming that people would be jealous of him rather than mock him or make him into some kind of social outcast for the rest of his time.

Best Sex Writing 2013 by Rachel Kramer Bussel Review

8 out of 10
Best Sex Writing 2013 by Rachel Kramer Bussel is a series of articles and provocative pieces on the subject of sex and today's sexual culture. The book discusses the role that sexuality has played in the lives of the contributors, their views on modern day sexual culture and how it is evolving.

Review: Titus Jack M8 Clear / Ice Mouth Gay Male Masturbator

8 out of 10
Along with a few other little sexy goodies, we recently received the Titus Jack M8 Clear Mouth Masturbator to review from Clonezone. This male masturbator along the same lines as the Fleshlight and Fleshjack products is presented in professional packaging, with the familiar torchlike canister over a soft feeling, shaped entrance sleeve. As this is a ‘clear’ masturbator from Titus’ Jack M8 range, the malleable and soft material looks almost like crystal, being completely translucent for a cool visual effect and something different to the usual flesh tones.

Why naked pics and cock shots don’t do it for me

When I receive a cock shot in my inbox, I feel none of the sensations and emotions that the above mental imagery conjures up. I see, quite patently and very boringly, penis. Oh look, it’s a penis. Thanks. There's absolutely zero sensation or stimulation whether in my brain, throat, nipples, clit or deep inside my pussy. Nothing. A mild sense of irritation that my time has been wasted opening this message, and perhaps a deeper sense of disappointment if said penis-pic has come from a contact I expected more from than to send me cock shots as some failed attempt at getting my attention and summoning arousal. I toss the email, with disdain, into the trash bin. These days, I don’t even reply to the contact with surprise, anger, or upset. I simply cut all ties.

Review: Jack Boot Spanking Paddle from CloneZone

10 out of 10
The Jack Boot Paddle is just as it says. Looks like the underside of a size 14 boot. It’s a bootprint which feels like it’s made from boot sole rubber, firmly attached to the same shape piece of wood with a handle for easy wielding. The handle is backed on both sides with what feels like a riveted strip of leather, and a reinforced hole through the end and a hanging/wrist loop. This paddle measures just under 15 inches in overall length, within which the handle measures 5.25 inches. The maximum width of the spanking area of the paddle is 4.5 inches and the thickness of the paddle is just under 0.5 inches.

Best Women’s Erotica 2013 by Violet Blue Review

7 out of 10
Best Women's Erotica 2013 by Violet Blue is a compilation of 18 erotic short stories from as many different authors, edited by Violet Blue. What all the stories have in common is that they feature a female protagonist. All of them are also pretty vanilla, although many contain BDSM / kink elements.

Gender Bending, Queerness, the Masculine Feminine Divide and Why I am Definitely a Woman

I’m definitely a bisexual, Dominant woman. I’m mono in each gender, although that’s 100% sure on the man side and only about 90% sure on the female side of things. That’s where I’m at right now. But throughout my years of self-exploration both physically and psychologically, at no time have I ever thought to experiment with my gender. It’s not because I thought it was wrong so I stayed away - if that was the case I would not have delved into BDSM identities, polyamory, open relationships, taboo sexual practices and bisexuality - it’s just that it never raised it’s head (hur-hur) as something of interest to me. I don’t want to be a man (not that those who feel a masculine side do, either) and I don’t feel any traits of being a boy or boyishness or wanting to ‘pack a cock’ or strap down my breasts or anything like that.

Living With A Vanilla Partner When You’re Kinky | BDSM Advice

By Cara Sutra: Is this you? Are you living with a vanilla partner when you're kinky? Perhaps you need some element of BDSM to get your kicks in your sex life. If so, living with someone for whom these activities are distasteful or simply don’t feature can be hard work, frustrating and upsetting. For everyone involved.

Why the obligatory romance of Valentine’s Day is stupid and insulting

“How to Bag a Man for Valentine’s Day” (because all women are straight, don’t forget) and if there should be a specific man in said Singleton’s sights (poor bloke), “10 Ways to Make Him Propose on Valentine’s Day” “6 of the Best Lingerie Sets to Make him Forget His Name, Hand Over His Wallet and Make Him Suck on Your High Heels While You Plan Your Wedding In Two Weeks Time” etc etc. You get my point.

Commissioned Articles

Commissioned Articles at Cara Sutra Here you can find articles and blog posts which Cara Sutra has been commissioned to write here at the UK's...
2019 Reflections: Goodbye To Another Year; Happy New Year 2020

Is Being Kinky Genetic? Do You Have Kink In Your DNA?

Those in the BDSM scene often describe being kinky as a part of who they are -but is this something that could be taken literally? Do you have kink in your DNA? Also, can you inherit a kinky orientation? These are fascinating questions, as I'm sure you'll agree. Perhaps there is a 'kinky gene' in the human psyche, I don't know. I can't say for sure, as I'm no scientist. As for the question, is being kinky genetic? I'd have to say that I believe so, yes.

How Partner Swapping & Swinging Could Improve Your Relationship

For those who do take that next step in their relationship and branch out into sex with other people, swinging can herald a wonderful new era of enlightenment and increased trust in and love for their own partner.

Report: Cara Sutra at The Erotica Show London 2013

So there I was, about to visit The Erotica Show 2013, in central London, planning to read the sauciest smut imaginable over at Lucy Felthouse's Smut by the Dock stand, with no knickers on.

BDSM & FemDom Advice: A guide to submission: switch, submissive or slave?

There are a lot of different terms bandied around both the fetish and mainstream circles, relating to the orientation of players in kink and BDSM. Slave, submissive, switch - as well as various pet names such as puppy or bitch - can leave you feeling confused as to exactly where you stand in the grand scale of things. The BDSM spectrum is very large (in fact I feel that vanilla or kinky, we are all on the same spectrum, not living synonymously) and the chances are you will find yourself drawn to one large label over another. My new article over at Erotica UK discusses why labels can be useful even if you're averse to labelling yourself normally, and what the difference is between the big three terms for submissive players in BDSM.

How Do I Tell My Partner About My Fantasy? Sex Confessions

Are you ashamed about any of your sexual fantasies? Would you be daring enough to take the necessary steps to make any of your sexual fantasies a reality? It can be a challenge even considering how to spill your sex confessions. Many people come to me to ask: how do I tell my partner about my fantasy?

Phone Sex Lines – Relationship Help or Hindrance?

It's not all hearts and roses. For adults in a committed relationship, there can be times when keeping a relationship alive and happy is a real struggle. Couples can find themselves battling against one or more of the most popular issues to beset relationships with challenging times.

Do Straight Women Have Lesbian Fantasies?

By Cara Sutra: Do straight women have lesbian fantasies? Perhaps this is something you've been wondering, as your mind strays towards bi-curious thoughts during daydreams.