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Dirty Girl Collection by Ellen Stagg, Erotic Art Book Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
Goliath Books
I was so ecstatic to be chosen to review the erotic art book Dirty Girl Collection by Ellen Stagg (published by Goliath Books). Thank you Cara!

Summer Heat: A Steamy Romance Collection (Seasonal Shenanigans) Review | Pleasure Panel

6 out of 10
Reading is a big part of my life so I was excited to be able to review a book for the Pleasure Panel this month. Summer Heat is the 3rd in the anthology series Seasonal Shenanigans which is made up of 17 saucy stories set in the summer heat.

When I Watched A Man Fuck My Boyfriend

Perhaps it was the discovery of a bottle of poppers in the bedside table, or it might have been that his friend was just so fucking horny that night. Either way, the stars were aligned for passionate boy-on-boy action.

Aneros Progasm Classic Prostate Massager Review

9 out of 10
The Aneros Progasm Classic Prostate Massager is not my first anal sex toy. As a bisexual man I have experimented a lot and my female partner loves experimenting anally with me too. I have tried the Aneros Helix before which is a little smaller and for a beginner you might want to start with the Helix.

Self-Perception & Sex: How Do My Opinions Of Myself Affect My Sex Life?

By Cara Sutra: How I view myself has a big effect on my libido and, consequentially, on my sex life. Self-perception and sexuality is often discussed in sex advice articles, but I find that the majority of these simply focus on increasing your self-confidence in the bedroom so that you can enjoy sex more frequently, in more adventurous ways or just an improved sex life in general. I wanted to explore something beyond a crisis of confidence. How can the ebb and flow of self-perception alter desires towards and actions within masturbation and any shared sexual experiences?

Why Do Sex Shops Still Sell Gender Categorised Sex Toys?

By Cara Sutra: The majority of online sex shops still sell gender categorised sex toys. In an admittedly slow to change world where education about the existence of people outside of the gender binary is on the increase, should sex shops really still sell sex toys in this way?

How It Feels Watching Your Partner Fuck Someone Else

How would you feel if you saw your partner fuck someone else? I guess for many the answer would be colourful variants of pissed off. Catch 5 minutes of a daytime TV chat show to watch lie detector frenzies and accusations of cheating descend into all-out battle. The reality, when we add in consent and pre-discussion, is more complex and nuanced. A partner having sex with someone else doesn't always mean they're cheating on you or that you'll feel betrayed.

Pride Brighton 2016

By Cara Sutra: Pride has become an increasingly significant and strongly emotive movement for me. Not only are both my partner and I bisexual, we fall into the area of LGBTQ which is still incredibly misunderstood and which is surrounded by all sorts of ridiculous myths. I visited my first Pride last year and was delighted to be able to visit again this year - not just with my partner (and minnie also came along and drove us) but also with the elder of my two sons, who is 11.

LGBT Pride Month: Being Proud Of Who You Are

By Cara Sutra: June isn't only Adult Sex Ed Month, it's also time for another important awareness-raising international annual campaign: LGBT Pride Month.

Adult Sex Ed Month: Do We Really Need Any More Sex Education?

By Cara Sutra: Adult Sex Ed Month has been created for easy and shame-free access to sex ed in adult life. June is Adult Sex Ed Month 2016 and I am very excited to be part of the campaign for more and for better sex education for adults - as well as raising awareness of its ongoing importance.

Single Life, Sexuality & Dating: An Introduction

By Cheryl Kaye Just a few years ago I was certain about so many things. I was positive I was ‘straight’, I could acknowledge that I found some girls more attractive than others but I figured that was just what everyone thought. Occasionally, I would think about what it would be like to kiss a girl, to taste her, to run my hands over her body, and to have her do the same to me. But I knew I loved cock, I wasn’t gay.

Sex is not a race to orgasm

By Cara Sutra: Sex is not a race to orgasm. I don’t have sex in order to have an orgasm and my partner doesn’t just fuck me so he can ‘shoot his load’ and roll over, done. Although my initial stirrings towards sexual activity can feel similar to the urge to masturbate, there’s a whole other layer of thoughts and feelings happening in my mind as well as the increasing demands from my clit and the aching of my cunt.

The Devil’s Doorbell – An Erotic Anthology – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10
Megan Hart
By Poppycat22 I was really pleased to be sent The Devil's Doorbell - An Erotic Anthology to read and review for the Pleasure Panel. The Devil's Doorbell - An Erotic Anthology Book Megan Hart Pleasure Panel ReviewI was sent the e-book version which was really great because it lived in my phone, which never leaves my side and meant it was always on hand to have a quick read.

Strap On Sex Tips: How A Woman Can Get Pleasure From Pegging

For those who haven’t heard of it before, pegging involves a heterosexual (or bisexual) man being anally penetrated by a female wearing a strap on dildo. Described as one of the most fulfilling and intimate experiences that a couple can engage in, pegging and harness play is a practice which continues to go from strength to strength. During pegging, the focus often centers on the pleasure of the male recipient. However, in this article I’d like to focus on female pleasure too.

Nexus Glide Yellow Prostate Massager Review

8 out of 10
Up until reviewing the Nexus Glide Yellow Prostate Massager, I’d never used a prostate massager before. Naturally I knew what one was and vaguely how to use it (cheers Google, haha) but I was a virgin to this type of toy. Before I continue, I must make you aware that, as a bisexual male, I’m not averse to having things inserted into my ass, but for me a finger is usually enough – I much prefer to do the inserting to other people. Well, I don’t have another person to use it on so I have to take one for the team!

Guide To Buying Your First Sex Toy (Whatever Your Sexuality Or Gender)

By Cara Sutra: Buying your first sex toy, whether alone or as part of a couple, is a very exciting experience. You’re about to embark on a new adventure in your sexual life and the chance to try something new is deliciously alluring. The chance to ignite your orgasms by a new masturbation method or discover higher levels of satisfaction with a lover comes rarely in our adult lives. Embrace this thrilling opportunity and get ready for more fulfilling sexual pleasure.
Wrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler Review and Free Excerpt

Wrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler Review & Free Excerpt

7 out of 10
His hand was all he used this night. Firm, hard, unyielding. His hand was all he needed to make me press down on his lap, trying to gain contact with my clit on his knee. His hand was all it took to show me that he hadn’t forgotten about me, hadn’t chosen to disregard my constant yearning for his attention.

Confessing my cis privilege, celebrating diversity and a party down south

I know rationally that to be genderqueer, genderfluid or not identify as the binary of male or female not only exists but is normal, fine, acceptable - absolutely NO problem for me at all, but I still fall into that privileged cis voice of saying he or she. Man or woman. Male or female.

Sex toys lead to satisfaction regardless of sexuality, age, gender or disability

What's your opinion of people who use sex toys? The sex toy industry is booming, so it must be true what they say: sex sells. At least, it does to those people who confidently explore the different sensations that sex toys offer. Not everyone feels able to to stalk into a high street sex shop and brazenly thrust armfuls of rabbit vibrators and butt plugs at the cashier.

Being Poly (But Not Really)

My take is that label don’t really matter, aside from helping explain the pigeonhole you most closely identify with to those around you, which may then affect conversations about aspects of life such as sex and relationships. So, in a self-contradictory move which may set the tone for this whole piece, I guess they do matter at least a little bit. Rather, they're useful.