Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Queening Chair? Or Make-Up Stool? Kiziti Discreet Sex Furniture Solution

9 out of 10
There's now a website, at The Kiziti Sex Stool is available in Clear or Hot Pink and costs £185. I now have the Hot Pink version and will be taking more (yes, even more) photographs in the coming weeks so watch out for that update.

Sex on the Ceiling with the Luvsense London LUVVU Mirror – Review

10 out of 10
By Cara Sutra: Once viewed as the height of depraved naughtiness, while raising a giggle even now in the 21st century, the mirror on the ceiling conjures up all kinds of sexual scenes in the imagination. An especially adventurous couple, a strangers’ encounter in a sex hotel, a special room at a swingers club, a sex worker catering to the more voyeuristic client. Mirror on the ceiling. Say it to most adults and you’ll get a response anywhere from a knowing smile and a twinkle in the eye to a full on guffaw at the thought of such sauciness.