How To Join The Pleasure Panel

How To Become A Pleasure Panel Reviewer

Want to become a Pleasure Panel reviewer? Here’s a handy list of the required steps which will see you on the way towards becoming part of the Pleasure Panel review team!


How To Become A Pleasure Panel Reviewer

Become a Cara Sutra Patreon, pledging a minimum of $5 per month. You can pledge as much as you like; everything helps towards my postage, packaging and many other costs involved with this project!


How To Become A Pleasure Panel Reviewer

Sign up as a member of the Cara Sutra website, which is how you’ll be able to interact on the Cara Sutra forum -where all the Pleasure Panel volunteering/product assigning happens. You can do this right at the top of the site, where it says Sign in / Join (see image above). Take care when choosing your username, this can’t be changed once you’ve signed up.


Email me to let me know you’ve become a Patreon with the intention of becoming a Pleasure Panel reviewer (not all Patreons necessarily want to be part of the reviewing project) plus let me know if you’d like to receive the Patreon-only newsletter with behind-the-scenes and my homelife updates.

At this point it would be great to let me know your username on the website, plus you need to include your first product review (in the body of the email or attached as a Word doc)…

  • This needs to be a review of an adult product currently sold online. Your review needs to be well-written, at least 500 words and giving a mark out of 10 for the product at the end.
  • Include a link to where the product is sold online.
  • Attach at least 3 good quality, clear photographs of the item that you’ve taken yourself to your email (just product pics, not explicit photos, please!). Please put the images as email attachments, not within the body of a Word document.


Await my confirmation reply email that I’ve received your review and it’s been accepted for publication at Cara Sutra.

How To Become A Pleasure Panel Reviewer

If it meets the criteria specified above, I’ll send you the link to your first ever review at CaraSutra as well as details of your very own ‘author page’ on the site. There are rewards as you have more reviews published, which I’ll explain at that stage, too.


Subscribe to updates from the Pleasure Panel part of the forum, as this is where the dates of the new ’round’ are put each month. You’ll need to know the date and time of the new round so that when I put the monthly list of products up, you can volunteer for what appeals.

You can subscribe to new updates from the Pleasure Panel part of the forum by clicking the small red word ‘subscribe’ near the top of the list of threads (you need to be a signed in member of the site in order to see it):

How To Become A Pleasure Panel Reviewer

Please note that I send lower cost items to brand new reviewers; costly items are sent once you’re fully established as a Pleasure Panel reviewer.


Subscribe to my email newsletter, an RSS-feed version of which is sent on Fridays at 1pm (UK-time), this has a list of all that week’s published posts, including new Pleasure Panel reviews. I also send infrequent emails when there’s anything happening that I want to make sure you don’t miss -such as giveaways, seasonal fun, or Pleasure Panel related news & opportunities.

Hope the above is all clear and helps the many people who would like to become part of the Pleasure Panel. Any questions, please let me know and I’ll endeavour to clarify.

Wishing you the many joys of adult product reviewing!