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Your Top Favourite 10 Sex Toys That You Own

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    Cara Sutra

    OK people!
    An honest top 10 list of sex toys you actually own. No need to state whys and hows, just curious as to which ones you really love so much that you regularly reach for them bypassing others.


    Cara Sutra

    OK here’s mine (this is subject to change at any time and without warning! and I’m not including bondage or fetish stuff):

    1. Doxy Wand
    2. iGino One
    3. LELO Soraya
    4. RO-80 bullet vibrator (tied with Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet)
    5. njoy Pure Wand
    6. We Vibe Salsa bullet vibrator
    7. Crystal Delights Butt Plug
    8. My Don Wand ‘mace style’ glass dildo
    9. Stronic Drei
    10. LAID Stone Dildo



    This is difficult, but I’ll give it a try… (excluding BDSM or accessories):

    1. PalmPower Massager
    2. Doxy Massager
    3. Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand
    4. We-Vibe Tango
    5. Leaf Fresh
    6. Je Joue G-Ki
    7. Key by Jopen Comet
    8. Fun Factory Stronic Drei
    9. Johnny VixSkin
    10. You2Toys Pink Pusher

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    Cara Sutra

    Thanks for playing!

    Yeah ten seems a lot tbh – found that when I was writing – but I wanted to fit in so many! (erm, into the list)



    I don’t have a very large collection of sex toys, so I’ll try to name ten items that I like.

    In no particular order:
    1. njoy Pure Wand
    2. Rocks-Off Little Cocky
    3. Intimate Organics Hydra Plant Cellulose Personal Lubricant
    4. Bodywise Liquid Silk
    5. Pipedream Icicles No. 14
    6. LELO LUNA Beads Mini
    7. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Realistic Rechargeable Silicone Rabbit Vibrator
    8. Wood nipple sticks
    9. Um…

    Nope, I can’t name ten. 😛 I don’t want to include anything that’s not made of body safe materials, and I’m ashamed to admit that I have more than a handful of toys like that.



    I have several toys that I’d add to my list now. I’d definitely say that my Tantus Silk Large is one of my favorite toys. I’d also add my Bad Dragon Crackers the Cockatrice as well as my OhMiBod Lovelife Smile because it has become the clit vibe I’ve been using the most lately.


    Cara Sutra

    There isn’t a lot of love in the blogger community for the igino (for decent reasons, I know) but I love it anyway!

    Thanks for listing yours InquisitiveClam 🙂



    My# 1 is my lelo Gigi
    2 glass dildo
    3 my other glass dildo lol
    4 bullet vibe
    5 Rabbit
    I only have 8 none worth writing home about sorry it’s not 10



    My collection is pretty new and small, lets see if I can fit ten…

    1. Fairy Wand
    2. Tantus Pack ‘n Play No.2
    3. Cherry Delight by A Touch of Glass
    4. Blush Novelties Naughty Candy Heart Plugs (I have two!)
    5. Tantus Splish
    6. Lelo Mona 2 (havent used it much yet, will probably move up on the list soon!)
    7. Tantus Echo
    8. Princess Plug
    9. CalExotic PureSkin Play Things Mini Double Dong
    10. Pipedream’s Wanachi Mini Massager

    Hooray I did it 😀


    Cara Sutra

    Hey it doesn’t have to be 10 🙂

    I only have the teeny tiny Fairy Wand and it’s not much good! Always wondered if the larger ones would be any good.



    Not 10 and not in order but:
    Rope! Not strictly speaking a toy but a pervertable!
    Hot Octopus Pulse II – actually started out hating this but it’s a tribute to giving things another chance that I’m coming to love it.
    Rocks Off cheeky boy – not used every time but when you’re in the mood it really hits the spot!
    Leather adjustable cock ring – don’t know the make and model – I’ve never had much luck with stretchy rings they are just too hair-trappy for me but I do like this.

    I’m not going to include lube as that’s an essential. I did have a Rev1000 which was nice but got stolen in a break in (yes really!) and wasn’t nice enough to justify a replacement. I’ve also got an autoblow which I really liked but have sort of got bored with as, given the design, it’s difficult to get get much variety of stimulation in use.



    I have the regular sized / largest Fairy Wand and I loooove it. But I’ve never used most popular wands / clit vibes (Hitachi, Doxy, We-Vibe ect.) so my opinion of it might be totally changed once I try one of those haha !


    Cara Sutra

    Ohhh I really hope you get to try a Doxy at some point!



    Sure I can think of 10, here goes! In no particular order!

    1. Lovehoney wand, original! Although soon hopefully to be replaced by a Doxy!
    2. Tracy Cox double set glass dildos. Does it count as 1 or 2 if you use them both at the same time? 😉
    3. Glass Vibrations Dragon glass dildo
    4. My gorgeous big fluffy white/grey tail with stainless steal plug.
    5. Betty Page crop. It’s a pleasure to use and be used on!
    6. Little Cocky! Saw this on a couple of lists, I think it’s great too!
    7. Rope!
    8. Glass reflections ?? think it’s called, it was made by 1 of the big companies which name has slipped my mind. Sure it’s made of glass but it shines like a mirror, really hits the spot dildo.
    9. Anal beads.
    10. RO 80mm bullet, I have a small collection, usually carry 1 in my handbag, never know when you might need one!
    11. My lovely little black and red suede flogger.
    12. Oooops! getting carried away with myself lol.



    This is a hard question to answer, lol.

    I think my top 10 in no particular order would be:
    1) njoy pure wand
    2) Tantus Anaconda handle
    3) We-Vibe Tango
    4) Tantus Splash
    5) Icicles No 24
    6) Fun Factory Tiger stub
    7) Candy land juicer
    8) Julian Snelling French lover
    9) Shock Therapy pleasure probe
    10) Womanizer

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