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DIARY DATE: January 2019 Pleasure Panel Round

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    Cara Sutra

    Pleasure Panel January 2019 Round

    Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a sensational Christmas and New Year, holidays, festivities and end of year joy. Time to announce the date of the very first Pleasure Panel round of 2019! Here we go!

    The January Pleasure Panel round will take place here at the forum on the evening of Thursday 24th January, at 8pm UK time. As usual, the Pleasure Panel adult product reviewing project is open to Cara Sutra $5+ patrons only, and to members of the team who are up to date with all their previous reviews.

    Please could you make sure any outstanding reviews are emailed over to me as soon as possible, and definitely before 23rd January, to give me enough time to publish. The day of the new round is incredibly busy.

    Review Tips

    -As a refresher (new year and all that!) reviews need to be 500 words at the very least (unless otherwise specified), and accompanied by at least 3 clear photos of the product out of the box, and given a mark out of 10.

    -Please keep mentions of other products to a minimum (basic comparisons are ok, but in general companies want their product reviewed without too much exposure for/in-depth chat about others) and definitely no mentions of other retailers.

    -If mentioning the material the product is made out of, please ensure you’re absolutely certain it’s made of that material.

    -Finally, editing all typos and grammatical errors out of your review before sending it to me gets you extra brownie points! If you send me the very best version of your review, I can then spend more time sourcing more products for the team, rather than spending hours correcting people’s mistakes.
    Often these are simple errors such as ‘discrete’ when the word is ‘discreet’, ‘then’ rather than ‘than’ and ‘prostrate’ when it should be ‘prostate’. As the former versions are correctly spelled words in their own right you can’t rely on your spellcheck to pick them up; however in context these words are incorrect. Thanks so much everyone 🙂
    *takes grammar nazi hat off* lol

    Thanks everyone, see you on the 24th!

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