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    Cara Sutra

    Hello everyone – some more erotic ebooks available for review, this time from author Damien Dsoul. Please click through the titles to find out more from the Amazon buy pages.

    Mary’s Addiction

    Blurb: Donald and Mary Clauston are a rich, white couple. They own a lovely mansion in Sherman Oaks, and three lovely kids, and they’re both happy with each other. Or are they?

    Their life takes a drastic turn one Friday night. Three black hoodlums take advantage of Mary while her husband Donald is forced to watch. To Donald’s shocking surprise, Mary seems to enjoy the activity and becomes smitten by the hoodlums. Now Donald has to contend with how best to deal with his wife’s new-found life, as cracks begin to appear in their marital life, revealing secrets that once were best-kept secrets.

    Will they resolve their past difference before it rips their marriage apart?

    Format: Kindle

    Wife Breeding Team and Other Stories

    Blurb: A collection of short stories from Damien Dsoul…

    An exotic resort catering to the most exquisite cuckold fantasies couples can enjoy, especially for husbands seeking their wives to become Black-Bred;

    Explore the individual state of mind of a mature husband and his wife vacating in Nigeria with the wife’s lover as they entangle in a night of forbidden sexual passion and seduction;

    Pimp Zee travels across town to reawaken a milf slut who but still desires getting back into the game of servicing black clientele.

    A hapless white husband makes a late-hour confession to a black preacher regarding the event that occurred in his home that changed his marriage and his world forever.

    Eleven erotic tales of interracial/cuckold fetish involving housewives becoming self-aware of their untapped sexual desires, their husbands willing to acquiesce to their pleasures, and the lovers more than willing to make their fantasies come through.

    Format: Kindle

    The Merry Wives of Master Shango

    Blurb:  Olu Shango. A Nigerian sex fiend and Black Master. His mission: to conquer, seduce and dominate as many white women in Nigeria and turn their husbands into domesticated submissives. The wives find him irresistible; their men cower whenever in his presence. The city of Abuja is his domain. His jungle. As more expatriates pour into the city, Shango has suitable pickings of snaring naive white women left alone by their unsuspecting husbands into his erotic trap with climatic results.

    Format:  Kindle (324 pages)

    The Suburban Wives Club

    Blurb: The second novel in the Suburbia Trilogy. One summer afternoon, Jolene Briggs, along with four other wives are discussing their mundane sex life in Gail Cavanaugh’s backyard, when Gail, their matron, makes this declaration:

    “I’m talking about us coming together like a horny wives’ soccer team and having fun as only horny housewives can. About us pooling together our resources of handsome black men around and sharing them amongst ourselves. What I’m talking about here is for us to start a sort of suburban wives club.”

    For the five wives, only one rule exists: Once you get involved, your sexual life can never be the same to want to go back again. For Jolene, the summer is about to get heated up in more ways she nor her friends can imagine. Just when you thought suburbia can’t get any erotic, you can never believe what the wives can do, especially with their husband’s support.

    Format: Kindle (390 pages)

    The Story of Caya

    Blurb: Catherine arrived in Nigeria with her parents to spend a three-week summer holiday. Twenty-four hours later she and her parents and several other American families were kidnapped by rebel militants and sold off to wealthy Black Masters and Mistresses. This is her story.

    Format: Kindle (118 pages)

    The Story of Michael

    Blurb: Michael Paymer undertakes a journey to Nigeria to find out the whereabouts of his kidnapped girlfriend, Catherine Morgan. Little did he realize he too will partake in the same fate that she did. This is his story.

    Format: Kindle (148 pages)

    The Story of Thaddeus Black

    Blurb: Thaddeus Black, a New York City private detective, travels to Nigeria to search for his missing son Michael who himself had gone searching for his kidnapped girlfriend.

    Thaddeus is reluctant to take up the case, but changes his mind when he realizes how connected he is with the missing child… even more so as he is brainwashed and becomes involved with a ruthless militant army kidnapping white couples around the sub-Sahara region of Africa.

    Discovering the extent of their activity, his life now hangs by a thread as he seeks to find a means of escape.

    Format: Kindle (316 pages)

    Thaddeus Black: The Devil Wears High Heels

    Blurb:  Constance Loftus, a rich widow, has just buried her deceased husband and returns home to find her nine-year old son missing.
    Enter Thaddeus Black, a suave, street-smart Private Eye with a nose for trouble and eyes for hot women, who gets hired to find the rich widow’s son. Nothing is ever what it seems, and before he knows it, Thaddeus Black is neck deep in family secrets and dark histories that just might overwhelm him in his search for the missing kid.

    Format:  Kindle (173 pages)

    Please let me know which of these e-books you’d like to review (preferably the same reviewer for The Story Of Caya/Michael/Thaddeus Black – for 3 reviews – as they follow on from each other). Usual terms apply; minimum 300 words review required (as many words as you like over that!) and please submit your reviews to me via email.

    Thanks team!



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    Happy to volunteer for either Mary’s Addiction and/or The Story of Caya.

    J xx



    Totally didn’t read the last para – if no one volunteers for 3 reviews, I could do it but I’ll let someone else volunteer first. Happy to do Mary’s Addiction though.


    Cara Sutra

    I’ve popped you down for Mary’s Addiction and will email etc soon…

    I’ll do another shout-out for other reviewers so we’ll see if anyone comes forward.

    Thanks! 🙂



    Hi Cara

    I’m more than happy to review Wife Breeding Team, I’ll have submitted my review of the book you sent me by Monday.




    Cara Sutra

    Thanks Shania! I’ve emailed the author to request, copying you in.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend



    Cara Sutra

    6 books still available to review here – any volunteers please?

    (Just added the Devil Wears High Heels one this morning)

    Book reviews don’t count against you in the monthly Pleasure Panel rounds, they’re a bonus!

    Thanks in advance everyone



    Can I have surbuban wives please if it’s available?



    Hi Cara!

    I’d love to read Devil Wears High Heels if it’s available for review?

    Debs xx


    Cara Sutra

    Hi both! Sure – thanks for volunteering. Sorry for the delay on reply, been so busy here.

    I’ll email soon!
    Thanks again



    Hi Cara, I would love to review any of the books available, I absolutely love reading erotic novels and having them on my Kindle means I can take them anywhere I go.


    precious220983 x


    Cara Sutra

    Hi Precious – as per our emails I look forward to your book review soon.



    I will review what is left.

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