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    Cara Sutra
      You must be over the age of sexual consent in your jurisdiction in order to access and use this website and forum. This means strictly 18+ ONLY in the UK – check your local laws.

      This forum has been created for a community purpose, please do not use it as an opportunity for free advertisement and marketing of your company or website (applies to those who own limited companies and sole traders, not personal bloggers).

      Bloggers who are not owners of limited companies or sole traders are encouraged to link to their own blog at any time, and the use of affiliate links on this forum is accepted.

      The Pleasure Panel is for those who wish to test adult themed products. You might have your own sex blog or you might not have a blog at all, that’s ok. If you own or are a representative of an adult industry company or shop, you are not eligible to be part of the Pleasure Panel or Cara Sutra forum. This is to avoid conflicts of interest and other problems which could arise. Thanks for understanding.

      Please be respectful of others at all times; trolling is not allowed. You can swear, because hey let’s face it this is a sex blog and if you can’t tolerate swearing then perhaps you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

      Keep YKINMK (your kink is not my kink) as your motto when discussing matters of a sexual preference or kink nature; disparaging remarks and insults about others’ fetishes or sexual preferences or orientation will result in a forum ban.

      Bear in mind that although this website has a sexual theme, others may not wish to hear overly explicit descriptions of your intimate anatomy or your sex life.

      With the above in mind please do not post links to, or images of hardcore pornography or explicit images and links which may cause offence to those with different sensitivities.

      This is a chat forum, not a dating site. Please don’t use it as an opportunity to ‘hook up’ or to arrange (or attempt to arrange) sex meets or other forms of dating.

      No discussion or imagery of illegal practices such as under age, and similar immoral, distasteful and illegal practices.

      Please do not insert overly large images which take up huge space on the page, they’re annoying to scroll past.

      Keep your signature to a tidy, decent length; we don’t want to scroll past an essay whenever you post a message.

      Trolls will be shredded and used to stuff pillows.

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