Fetish Information

Fetish Information

Looking for fetish information? You’re in the right place. Here at the Cara Sutra sex blog I have loads of fetish advice guides, BDSM 101 articles, kinky sex advice and a whole lot more.

Here’s just a few examples of the top-quality fetish information articles you can read and enjoy here on the blog. After this introduction you’ll find the entire catalogue of fetish info posts written by both myself and various talented, kinky guest authors.

Why Do We Fetishize Strap-On Sex? Here’s The Top 10 Reasons 

Fetish Information | Fetish Info, Fetishes Explained, Fetish 101“Strap-on sex is seen as an incredibly kinky act in the world of BDSM. Many submissive men view being ‘taken’ by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo as terrifyingly arousing. But strap-on sex isn’t only enjoyed by men who identify as submissive in the world of D/s and power exchange. My partner, for example, is Dominant – yet absolutely loves when I don my strap-on harness and dildo and give him anal pleasure with it. Other men out there enjoy strap-on sex from their partner without the pre-requisite for submission or a power exchange dynamic. So: why do we fetishize strap-on sex?” 

Forced Orgasms – The Flip Side Of Chastity

Forced Orgasms Fetish“I’ve written plenty about chastity in the past. It’s no secret that I love the idea, and reality, of a guy with his cock locked up while I’m in control of the key, his orgasms, even his ability to touch himself there. By contrast, I love the freedom to touch myself whenever I want –and I make the most of that freedom, as you can see by the thousands of sex toy reviews and erotic articles here on the blog. Chastity is definitely not for me, when I’m the one locked up I mean. How about the flip side of chastity: forced orgasms? There’s still the element of external control -but rather than orgasm denial, I would be (consensually, of course) forced to orgasm over and over.” 

Understanding Watersports, Piss Play and Golden Showers

Golden Showers Fetish“Does mention of watersports conjure up innocent images of surfing and jet skis -or raise a knowing smirk? For the non-vanilla activity, “golden showers” is probably a more familiar term to most thanks to tabloid coverage of various celebrity/political scandals, as well as good old internet porn. 

Although I’m fairly sure that watersports won’t ever reach my top 5 hottest kinks and fetishes list, it is something I’ve experimented with in the past. With the right person, in the right situation (the shower, usually…), such an intimate play session can feel intensely raunchy and arousing.” 

Understanding Adult Babies & The Adult Baby Fetish

Fetish Information | Fetish Info, Fetishes Explained, Fetish 101“As someone with an interest in another area of ageplay, I imagine that the adult baby fetish is viewed as extremely niche and is often misunderstood. Perhaps feared a little –even within the BDSM sphere. 

The theory is that YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink, a statement of compassionate acceptance within BDSM), and that all consensual adult happenings within BDSM are equally welcome. The reality can feel rather different if your kink doesn’t happen to be one of the ‘headline acts’ -female submission, male chastity or bondage. I’ve talked about this before, from the point of view of Femdom within the BDSM scene.” 

Introduction to E-Stim & the Electrastim Electro Sex Toys Range

E-stim and Electrosex fetish explained“You may or may or may not have heard the term e-stim or electrosex before. It’s something that can inspire all sorts of emotions, from curiosity to nervous apprehension. 

It involves using specialised equipment to stimulate our genitals using electricity. It is a gender-free masturbatory activity that is fun on your own or with a partner. 

“But electricity is dangerous!”, I hear you cry – and yes, you are right. So, I wouldn’t recommend attaching your genitals to the national grid, perish the thought.”

The world of fetish and BDSM is widely varied, so these are just a few highlights from this wide and varied category of advice articles. Enjoy all our fetish information articles and kinky advice guides below. If there is a fetish or kink topic you don’t see written about here, please get in touch via my contact page and I’ll do my best to write about it here on the blog as soon as possible.

Feminist Femdom! Making Femdom Sustainable

What if - here's a mind blowing thought - Femdom did what it said on the tin? Actually put her - you - in charge? What if Femdom was Feminist in the sense that it was about your emancipation, your agency, your empowerment?

Complete Sensory Deprivation 101 | Guide To Kinky Sensory Deprivation

Ever heard of sensory deprivation? If you have, chances are you’re either up on your psychology* or you’re into bondage. Or both, of course. Sensory deprivation is an enormous turn-on for many in the BDSM scene, but what is it that makes this particular practice so sexy?

Bound To Serve As A Sex Slave

After several months' training, both mental and physical, her slave was able to handle one of her ferocious whippings simply through tears, gritted teeth and with only a few sweary slip-ups. He'd learnt that lesson fast, she thought, her smile widening even further. An extra 5 minutes lashing for every curse he spat in her direction soon had him holding his tongue.

Why Do We Fetishize Strap-On Sex? Here’s The Top 10 Reasons

The fact that many people do fetishize strap-on sex, and insist that for them, it's a kinky act, isn't wrong or offensive to me. Pointing out the many reasons why this may be the case, what may have contributed to this conclusion that strap-on sex is necessarily kinky, doesn't mean I disagree that it is. For submissive men who love the idea or reality of strap-on sex, the truth is that it is kinky – and therein lies much of the enjoyment.

Enjoying Sex Furniture When You Don’t Have A Sex Dungeon

Visiting a venue with a range of sex furniture to experiment on and enjoy is something that most of us rarely get the opportunity to experience. Although sex furniture is becoming more affordable for people to consider buying and enjoying at home, there’s still one important issue to consider before you splash the cash. The big issue of… space.

My 5 Favourite Kinks – And Why I Find Them So Sexy

If I had to distil my love of everything (well, most things) kinky into a 'Top 5' compilation... what would make the list? Today I'm going to share with you my 5 favourite kinks, then explain why I find them so sexy.

FemDom: The BDSM Scene Outsider?

FemDom is the Marmite of the BDSM world. Female Domination usually elicits a response firmly on one end of the scale or the other: yes please! or ...um, no thanks. While female submission has been warmly embraced by the masses, with sexualised imagery of restrained women now prevalent even in mainstream music and film media, FemDom is still viewed as extremely niche.  

Turned On By His Tears

As the barrier crashes down within him, crumbling to reveal his true self, tears then finally begin to form. I see the subtlest glint and can't help wetting my own lips with my tongue in anticipation –in between my incessant tirade, the code to unlock his complete submissive self.  

Coming Full Circle

The spotlight centred on my naked, kneeling body is bright enough to just reveal the dark forms stood in a circle surrounding me. I feel the men's presence, rather than see them; I'm seeing the scene through my mind's eye in any case, with my eyes squeezed tightly closed, blocking out reality, even while it commands my full sensory attention. 

Reconnecting With My Slave

All that mattered was that it was you, and I was Me, and we were at last together again, present physically rather than two souls connected over long-distance solely through shared perversions, creative intelligence and our consistently passionate bond.  

The Wedding: What’s Yours Is Mine

The whispers of those seated at the back were muffled by the whoops surrounding the drawn-out kiss of joy at the altar, until a natural settling revealed the click-clack of my heels on the stone. A wave of anxious whispers and angry mutters accompanied my approach to the still lost-in-each-other bride and groom, which turned to gasps of shock as I undid and threw off the hideous overcoat without breaking stride. 

What’s The Difference Between Kink And Fetish?

With increasing awareness of and interest in BDSM, much of the related jargon and terms have made their way into common parlance. Two such words are 'kink' and 'fetish'. They're often used interchangeably, but as they are two different words it's natural to wonder what the actual meanings are.