Fetish Information

Fetish Information

Looking for fetish information? You’re in the right place. Here at the Cara Sutra sex blog I have loads of fetish advice guides, BDSM 101 articles, kinky sex advice and a whole lot more.

Here’s just a few examples of the top-quality fetish information articles you can read and enjoy here on the blog. After this introduction you’ll find the entire catalogue of fetish info posts written by both myself and various talented, kinky guest authors.

Why Do We Fetishize Strap-On Sex? Here’s The Top 10 Reasons 

Fetish Information | Fetish Info, Fetishes Explained, Fetish 101“Strap-on sex is seen as an incredibly kinky act in the world of BDSM. Many submissive men view being ‘taken’ by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo as terrifyingly arousing. But strap-on sex isn’t only enjoyed by men who identify as submissive in the world of D/s and power exchange. My partner, for example, is Dominant – yet absolutely loves when I don my strap-on harness and dildo and give him anal pleasure with it. Other men out there enjoy strap-on sex from their partner without the pre-requisite for submission or a power exchange dynamic. So: why do we fetishize strap-on sex?” 

Forced Orgasms – The Flip Side Of Chastity

Forced Orgasms Fetish“I’ve written plenty about chastity in the past. It’s no secret that I love the idea, and reality, of a guy with his cock locked up while I’m in control of the key, his orgasms, even his ability to touch himself there. By contrast, I love the freedom to touch myself whenever I want –and I make the most of that freedom, as you can see by the thousands of sex toy reviews and erotic articles here on the blog. Chastity is definitely not for me, when I’m the one locked up I mean. How about the flip side of chastity: forced orgasms? There’s still the element of external control -but rather than orgasm denial, I would be (consensually, of course) forced to orgasm over and over.” 

Understanding Watersports, Piss Play and Golden Showers

Golden Showers Fetish“Does mention of watersports conjure up innocent images of surfing and jet skis -or raise a knowing smirk? For the non-vanilla activity, “golden showers” is probably a more familiar term to most thanks to tabloid coverage of various celebrity/political scandals, as well as good old internet porn. 

Although I’m fairly sure that watersports won’t ever reach my top 5 hottest kinks and fetishes list, it is something I’ve experimented with in the past. With the right person, in the right situation (the shower, usually…), such an intimate play session can feel intensely raunchy and arousing.” 

Understanding Adult Babies & The Adult Baby Fetish

Fetish Information | Fetish Info, Fetishes Explained, Fetish 101“As someone with an interest in another area of ageplay, I imagine that the adult baby fetish is viewed as extremely niche and is often misunderstood. Perhaps feared a little –even within the BDSM sphere. 

The theory is that YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink, a statement of compassionate acceptance within BDSM), and that all consensual adult happenings within BDSM are equally welcome. The reality can feel rather different if your kink doesn’t happen to be one of the ‘headline acts’ -female submission, male chastity or bondage. I’ve talked about this before, from the point of view of Femdom within the BDSM scene.” 

Introduction to E-Stim & the Electrastim Electro Sex Toys Range

E-stim and Electrosex fetish explained“You may or may or may not have heard the term e-stim or electrosex before. It’s something that can inspire all sorts of emotions, from curiosity to nervous apprehension. 

It involves using specialised equipment to stimulate our genitals using electricity. It is a gender-free masturbatory activity that is fun on your own or with a partner. 

“But electricity is dangerous!”, I hear you cry – and yes, you are right. So, I wouldn’t recommend attaching your genitals to the national grid, perish the thought.”

The world of fetish and BDSM is widely varied, so these are just a few highlights from this wide and varied category of advice articles. Enjoy all our fetish information articles and kinky advice guides below. If there is a fetish or kink topic you don’t see written about here, please get in touch via my contact page and I’ll do my best to write about it here on the blog as soon as possible.

YKINMK: Your Kink is Not My Kink

Whether you are new to the world of kink or a seasoned fetish scene practitioner, you will at some point come across the acronym YKINMK. What does it stand for and what does it really mean?

The Promise

Gulping and blinking back in shock, she couldn’t respond with anything more than a nod. How could she? She’d made the promise – yes, admittedly when tipsy – a couple of weeks ago, that she’d do this whenever it was asked of her. Without question.

Leaving BDSM: How Can I Stop Being Kinky?

I honestly believe it's naive to think you can just switch off your kinkiness for all time. You may be leaving BDSM when it comes to the community, you can get rid of your implements and finish any D/s relationships, but being a kinkster is simply too much a part of a person's character. It's up to you if you decide to act on those kinky impulses in your life or not.

Does Your Submissive Require Punishment Or Funishment?

When I am in a good mood with my submissive, I may at my discretion choose to 'funish' them (which is oddly similar to 'furnish') with spankings, crops, whippings, chastity tease/denial, public humiliation, foot trampling, shoe, boot and heel worship and more.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toy Advice – A Sexual Revolution

By Hella Rude Who would have thought that fan fiction could be responsible for such a change in attitude toward sex toys? The sex toy business is booming thanks to new-found popularity fueled by three books and a whole lot of media coverage. Women who haven't read since school are devouring some pretty meaty books and are simultaneously acting to improve their sex lives.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Tips For Men

By Hella Rude This one's for the guys. The ones who have girlfriends who are reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The ones who are wondering what it's about and how to get in on it without reading it. As per usual, padré, the internet has done the hard work for you and you can now get the abridged 411 of Mr Christian Grey in the form of sex advice. Pretty cool, huh?

Chastity Keys Tease

I do like to tease the ones I hold chastity keys for whilst I am their Keyholder Mistress. Yesterday you will have seen my Red,...

What Does BDSM Stand For?

What Does BDSM Stand For? BDSM is a term you may have already heard, perhaps conjuring up thoughts of dark, mysterious sex acts that good...

How Do I Find The Right Domme Or Mistress?

Be respectful at all times. Don't make a mockery of her, her lifestyle or particular wishes. If the Domme you approach requires a gift or an initial tribute to let her know you are serious - do it! It is her way of weeding you out from the ones who are timewasters, out just for kicks, to get a reaction or for wank fodder.
chastity device femdom Mistress BDSM Kink

Keyholding for a New Chastity sub/slave

I was pleased to recently find a male submissive on My Mistress Cara Twitter who was not only the minimum age I require My...

The Inspection

As I start the inspection, My leather gloved hand roves over your body. Tweaking pierced nipples with the little pink rings I've had installed in you for many years now. I remember how you hated how they showed underneath your work shirt. That's why I insisted you cover them up under work clothes. With a lovely lacy bra.

Tease and Denial

A leather mask over his face. Full black out. The only sensation comes from small slits for breathing holes around the nostrils and the limited circle for mouth. Just enough to, incidentally, let his tongue through. You'd love to be in that position wouldn't you?