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What’s new in the adult industry? Welcome to my sex news area. Here you’ll find adult business news and adult industry updates relevant to your interest in the fascinating world of sex and sexual pleasure products.

For the most part, the sex industry keeps ticking over with the usual growth and improvements in all areas. Sometimes, however, there are business developments and new sex toys which I feel highly motivated to share with my readers in an in-depth feature here on the Cara Sutra sex blog.

Various adult industry events are scheduled throughout each year, with some unfortunately falling victim to rising exhibition costs but others staying the distance. XBIZ and ANME in the US, Europe’s Erofame and the UK’s ETO Show are examples of adult industry exhibitions which can be relied on to provide distributors and retailers with a space to both display their new lines as well as discovering what others are bringing out that year. Past consumer events include Sexhibition and Erotica, with Sexpo still popular in some locations and trialling shows in the UK from time to time.

Other adult business news covered here will include important announcements relating to pleasure product launches I’m particularly excited about. If there’s something I feel you really should know about and try out for yourself, I’ll write it up here at the blog. Of course you can browse all the sex toy reviews, sexy lingerie reviews and bondage gear reviews for specific product feedback, too. I hope you enjoy keeping updated with goings-on in the adult industry thanks to my sex news features.

Dave Gorman Shock at Ann Summers’ Jimmyjane Vibrator

Funny story. I was watching Dave Gorman last night as the end of day entertainment, on Dave, when suddenly the stand up comic's act turned a little familiar. As in, adult industry familiar!

Saturated with Sex

...I miss out on the entire penis beaker incident as I was off cavorting with real feel dismembered parts at eroFame. Not a penis beaker to be seen over there; perhaps next year? Men would rather dunk their junk in a conveniently placed beaker by the bed, than get up and wash? Not the men I choose to hop into bed with.

Cara Sutra at eroFame 2013: Adult Industry & Sex Toys Expo book the centre of the hall and turn it into a mini club, along with banging tunes, a large visual display with video, free bar with food and alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and more, as well as freebie t-shirts, fluffy topped pens, goodie bags, freshly laid on pretzels and a friendly team. I was amused that at lunch time the Pipedream team obviously didn't care for the German laid on catering and instead decided to go out and rob a McDonalds for their hard working crew members. Doing it right.

Blog Tour: The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys by Violet Blue

Violet Blue doesn't hold back, she names names when it comes to sex toys that will "melt into a puddle of chemical goo" as well as great sex toys that you should go and check out for better sex with your partner.

Sex news: My girlfriend won’t use anal sex toys on me

After reading this (admittedly not very recent) article in the Guardian about a man who has and continues to suffer sexual deprivation at the hands of his narrow minded partner, I felt sad enough to...

Sex News: Sexuality survey reveals shocking insights into women’s desires

If you haven't tried bondage before, now is a great time to start. With the stratospheric popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey and the associated bondage roleplay and sex toys, rope, handcuffs, gags and other bedroom bondage equipment is highly sought after.

Official Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys

Earlier this year, Lovehoney secured the rights to release a range of sex toys and bondage gear aimed at Fifty Shades fans looking to experiment. The range of Pleasure Products were designed closely with E L James to bring the paraphernalia in the book to life, as well as adding some must-tries for those already reaping the rewards of the seeds sewn by the book. After months of hard work by everyone involved, the products have finally gone live on