Sex Diary

Feeling voyeuristic? What exactly do I get up to between the sheets? I invite you to peek through my window and find out, here in my sex diary at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

Much of my personal sex diary focuses on my varied, fun and wild sex life with my long-term partner. Despite having a fairly full household we manage to continue with an active sex life during the precious private moments we spend together. As we’re both extremely kinky and part of the BDSM community, a lot of our sex is naturally kink-influenced. Name-calling, specific fetishes, power exchange, bondage and spanking all feature regularly. The basis of our relationship, though, is the love and attraction we still have to one another, and which we love to celebrate through our passionate lovemaking sessions.

My partner and I are both bisexual. This is often relevant in my sex diary updates as some of the exciting write-ups feature other people… There’s that time I wrote about him being taken by a boyfriend, and the several anecdotal tales of my sexy fun with various girls. We’re both lucky to have a relationship which is founded on love and honesty, with very clear boundaries set.

These are very much the highlights from my sex life and I do my best to keep this area updated – after I’ve already exerted so much energy during sex, though, I often don’t have a lot left to write about what just happened! If you’d love to read more saucy tales, head over to my sexy stories area for some seriously hot erotica.

Orgasms #21 through #29

It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm - or him - there's that step by step thing that happens. It's difficult to describe. My pussy tightens around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He feels me tighten around him and it makes him thrust into me even harder and with greater urgency.

Orgasms 18, 19, 20

Motivations for my masturbation have been plentiful recently. From the usual thoughts of him - as my man, partner, Dom or Daddy - to the little stable of loyal slaves I seem to have reignited, in chastity, suffering and teased, there's a lot to allow my mind to race through until that sparkling finale.

From #6 to #17 sex blogging orgasms

I know, I know. I've been very lax on blogging my orgasms! Just a quick update today, sadly... Life is moving quickly but I have  been fitting in at least one orgasm a day,...

Pleading the Fifth

That first flush and tingle when you read about the tip of a tongue dampening unfurling pussy lips. Sliding between, from the bottom of that pleasure opening, lightly between the folds, brushing over the...

Hungry for Orgasms 2, 3, 4…

No matter how big a butt plug feels when I'm inserting it I always want more once it gets to the point of no return while masturbating. Is that just me? Am I simply a greedy slut who always wants more? Perhaps.

Blogasm 500 Challenge: The Orgasm Adventure Begins

The Blogasm 500 Project Welcome to November. Aside from all the Movember charity fund raising, I had another idea for a blog project as I lay awake last night, breathless after the evening's raunchy exertions. I'll...

Sex Diary: Apparently reading in bed means I want anal sex

Quick Sex Blog Update There are times when you worry that maybe you forgot how to feel sexy, because of work, life, family, or just REASONS, then there are nights like the past week. Images flash...

60 Day Vibe Chastity: The Route Back To Manual Orgasm

By Cara Sutra: Why am I talking about a 60 day vibe chastity challenge? After reviewing the Palm Power Wand earlier today, an interesting point came up in convo on Twitter. A fellow blogger's personal route back to a manual orgasm only came after a set time away from vibrating sex toys. I must confess that I do find it difficult to orgasm without the help of vibrations against my clitoris these days, if not impossible.

By The Window

By Cara Sutra: He didn't care. He was going to take me right then and there, in front of the window and he didn't care who could see.

Just Two Girls

By Cara Sutra: Her taking my hand and dragging me so determinedly towards her room Tugging at my clothes, becoming naked in under a minute just two girlsHer hands on me everywhere, lips to my neck and fingers brushing over my nipples, down and delving inside my pussy

Erotica: Submitting to his sentence

It started with his hand sliding between my legs from behind as I lay half asleep and naked on the bed. He'd walked up behind me softly and let his fingertips trail over the...

Kinky lovers once again

Seems we were cut a break. Carefully carrying him, we lay him down in his crib and held our breaths, expecting the indignant squeal to be emitted at any moment. But, nothing. Just even, deep...

Shower Scene

The whole experience of taking a shower is somewhat erotic. Stepping into the cold, tiled bathroom, almost clinical. Barefoot on the wooden floor. Wrapped in my only protection, oversized dressing gown. Hair loose, face naked,...

Object of Desire: Does Sex Equal Affection For Me?

I would normally blog coherently and intelligently at this juncture, however I seem to have lost all capability for coherent thought due to feeling like an object of desire, and wondering does sex equal affection for me?

What I Want From You: From Me To Him

I’m not sure how to word this – to explain to you what it is that I want from you, what I need. Things that uncover some needs deep inside me, that I’m not even sure why they exist, but I know they do. Reading other’s experiences and desires, lusts and satisfactions I feel kindred spirits at work – a meeting of ..well, not minds, but sexuality.

The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment

The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment By Cara Sutra The Lounge, A Captured Sex Moment: It was a long day. We finally crawl through the door and I am so tired. Anyway. There is a fire in the Main...

Carnal Needs

We are together constantly but it seems only a few, brief snapshot moments where we share that intimacy and our carnal needs. When we touch again, he catches my attention with his flesh to mine once more; fingers through my hair, hand on my shoulder or round my throat, pulling me by my hips to sit on his lap or his fingers entwining with mine to give me a reassuring squeeze of his love.

Bathroom Sex

He is fucking me passionately, no words between us, not this time. Knowing certain things remain forbidden he exits swiftly and quickly wipes a sucked finger over my ass, that which he likes to do dirty things to, making me an anal whore for him, needing more, feeling like I can cum just from him thrusting into me there, that sacred place.

Having him in my mouth

There’s that closeness from having him in my mouth. First of course, the shuffling down, wherever we are, either on chair as I snuggle up in his lap, or shuffle down to my knees to be between his legs... or in bed as I curl up first in the nook of his arm, my leg across his body and then I can’t help but wriggle down beneath the covers to seek him out.

Connection With My Lover Before Sex

I love when we have those tender private times together, those reassuring moments of intimacy. It’s so good to feel like his special girl and I know (well, hope) that he loves feeling like my special man. Our relationship is far from what you’d call standard, normal or boring, and very often it can involve other people. Not that we’re swingers – not that there’s anything wrong with swinging but it’s not us. I may have girl lovers though and he may have boy lovers; we’re both very bi.