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Interested in what’s new from the world of erotic authors, erotic fiction and sex writing? Welcome to the Erotic Writing News area of the Cara Sutra sex blog, dedicated to keeping you up to date with everything new from the world of erotic literature.

You’ll discover some erotic writing themed events, such as Eroticon, NaNoWriMo, Smut UK and Erotic World Book Day. Plus, there are tips on how to sell your erotic books at trade fairs and events. There are websites featured where you can enjoy reading through submitted erotic stories and discover new erotic authors. Find out more about the authors you already love, in revealing interviews. And don’t miss the features highlighting erotic books that you seriously should not miss.

Renowned erotic author Lucy Felthouse shares some of her erotic writing inspiration in this fantastic feature:

“I’ve become a fan of spy thrillers, both on TV and in the written form. And I love me a man in uniform, too. So when I first watched Strikeback: Project Dawn (yes, I watched it before the first series), I was hooked. The storylines are exciting, the two main male characters are seriously damn sexy, and their relationship is prickly, but they respect each other. So when I decided to write my first m/m story, a British military story, I decided that those two particular hotties would be my inspiration.”

In addition, several of my erotic writing news features include erotic book giveaways, and others have free sexy excerpts from published erotic novels.

Love books? Love sex? You’ll love celebrating Erotic World Book Day 2015

Erotic World Book Day Led by powerhouse columnist and erotic author Emily Dubberley of Cliterati, the world of erotic authors have united to create Erotic World Book Day. It is also being held on March 5th and it’s a cause that I fully support and hope you will be involved with too. The main locations for Erotic World Book Day discussion right now are on Facebook (group and page) and you can also find out more through Cliterati’s twitter. Another great source of erotica information and news are the Smut UK team, also on Facebook and Twitter.

NaNoWriMo – Everything you need to know about the November Novel Writing Challenge

“Everyone has a book inside them,” the late Christopher Hitchens famously declared. Will your book remain hidden, or are you ready to share it with the world? NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November and it’s your chance to let your writing light shine. With a set time to write your book, you’ll be more likely to knuckle down and get those words out of the deepest, darkest recesses of your mind and on to the page. Your goal is the admittedly ambitious task of writing a 50,000 word novel (well, a rough draft of one) by 11:59 PM, November 30th. Breaking the mountain down into manageable daily amounts will ensure that you smash this novel writing goal.

Erotic Book News: Alex Jordaine’s ‘Bound to the Mistress’ & ‘Mistress Absolute’ Femdom Erotica

As most of you will know, I have a personal interest in all things FemDom. As a Domme and Mistress in the BDSM scene it was genuinely thrilling to find an erotica author who writes erotic fiction based around the thrilling power dynamics of Female Dominance and male submission. I have been a supporter of Alex Jordaine’s work in this area for quite some time. The seventh book in his ‘Mistress’ collection of novels is entitled ‘Bound to the Mistress’ and was released in April this year. Although this is his 7th book in the collection, the novels are all stand-alone and so can be read in any order.

Mango Garden Press Announces New Book by Award-Winning Sex Educator Sheri Winston

Medical professional Sheri Winston is one of the United States’ leading sex teachers. Her celebrated teaching skills, specialized knowledge and unique Wholistic Sexuality™ approach make her a sought-after teacher and presenter. She is a certified nurse-midwife, gynecology practitioner and licensed massage therapist as well as an expert in the esoteric erotic arts. She has been featured on Strange Sex (TLC) and The Doctors (CBS).

The Act Itself: A brand new print magazine devoted to the world of erotica

I was delighted to receive the debut issue of The Act Itself recently, free of charge in exchange for an honest overview and communication to my erotica loving audience here at Cara Sutra. My first impression upon opening the discreet, well wrapped package was the size of the magazine. Instead of little more than a leaflet which I was expecting (print is very expensive), I held in my hands an A4, glossy leafed book, rather than a magazine. With 150 pages to leaf through (which are admittedly in black and white unlike the outer cover) I knew that this was a magazine which would easily see any avid fan of erotica through four months until the next issue arrived on the mat.

Erotic Book News: Watch Alex Jordaine’s ‘Mistress Series’ video; plus, free copy of Mistress...

As well as this promo video, you can also nab one of Alex Jordaine's novels for free. That's right, this isn't a one copy giveaway, but instead there's a free sexy e-book for everyone. Mistress Severity has been chosen as a free book offer in iTunes for July 2014, ending on the 31st. Just click through to find out more details and to get your copy. If you'd like to know more about Alex Jordaine you can read the Erotic Author Spotlight Series feature post here, and you can find out more about his novels in the many posts featuring his works at Cara Sutra here.

New erotic book release: Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley

I have the full e-copy of Blue Mondays available for one of my readers to read and provide a review for, which will be published here at Cara Sutra. I have been told about a raunchy scene involving the incredibly illicit and powerful Doxy Massager too, in case you needed any further persuasion.

Gratis New Beginnings Erotic Anthology Due For Release 20 March 2014

You may remember that last December, Gratis made its first appearance in the erotic publishing world with Gratis : Midwinter Tales (find the review here). It came out just in time for Christmas, on the 12th of December 2013.

Eroticon 2014: Facing the challenge of public speaking

I’m worried about hearing the right words when people ask questions. That’s quite before the fact that I just don’t like my voice. Writing seems to comfortable, compared; when you’re reading words you can imagine the perfect pitch and tone of voice. Never any hesitation or stuttering, no breaking voice, no awkward pauses. No scrabbling around in the corners of your mind for the right way to say this out loud.

The Infamous Blog Tour: Writers and their Writing Process

As I was schooled in the days where computers were a ‘new’ thing that only the posh kids had, I did all my coursework and exams with pen and paper - actually giving myself a ganglion on my right wrist which I still have to this day. Trust me to study all the heavy writing subjects: English Literature, Philosophy and Theology. I believe this is why I need to form my writing pieces with pen and paper first; writers’ quirk borne of familiarity.

Gratis Midwinter Tales – Erotica Anthology Set To Be Winter Warmer

The Gratis Midwinter Tales erotica anthology combines a wintry theme with festive hotness and readers can enjoy the seasonal talent for free. This non-profit erotic publication is due to launch on 12 December 2013 and boasts a combination of well known erotic authors as well as talented sex writers new to the publishing scene.

Free Excerpt From FemDom Fiction Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine

Read how one dominatrix’s lesson in obedience for a wilful female sub turns into an epic battle of wills, while for another an experiment in self-bondage turns into something infinitely more exciting.

Interview with FemDom Erotica author, Alex Jordaine

The audience for my ‘Mistress’ books are by definition interested in Femdom and BDSM, want characters and a story they can really engage with, and most importantly want to be turned on by what they’re reading. I try hard not to let them down and every one of my books is as good as I can possibly make it.

Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine: Kinky Erotica For FemDom Lovers

By Alex Jordaine: Alex Jordaine is the UK’s leading Femdom author and his work has also been widely published in the USA. In this article Alex talks about his highly acclaimed ‘Mistress’ series of books and the latest thrilling addition to the series, Mistress Severity (find here at Amazon).