Sunday, September 22, 2019

Friction burns, forgotten sex toys and a ball pool perversion

I found myself wondering what it would be like to have a more adult themed, strictly 18+ ball pool party. Or possibly even take over a play gym/soft activity warehouse for the night with some friends. Yeah, those kinda friends. Bikinis or naked? To add food play or keep it clean, skin to skin? Perhaps just a squirt of lube in the ball pool, help them glide over our bodies, frottaging and enjoying each others hands and bodies, both external and dipping tongues and fingers inside, a total perversion of what would usually be a scene of purity and innocence.

Masturbation Month Update – 3-6 May

My daily masturbation has been either a play in bed with Doxy or a fiddle in the bathroom with my iGino. Over the bank holiday weekend things were very ‘family’ and relaxing, and then more family turned up yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) and staying til Saturday. So it’s quite a family kinda week. Great in some ways but trying to keep my thoughts meltingly hot and sex related when faced with family at every turn in the house is quite a challenge. I know I have family around anyway but with my kids I can somehow do the ‘turning a blind eye as a Mum’ that they’re in the next room but with my Dad staying over it’s a little different. I don’t really know why, it just is.


I chose this photo before checking up on the monthly prompt, which happens to be 'All About the Men'. Interpret as you wish... (click on the photo for larger image)

Mid-work wank

I will need to get a bed in there at some point, I’m probably having about 80% of my orgasms stood upright. I say upright, it’s more a kind of gripping on to the towel rail, knees bent, legs spread as far as my ripped down just-far-enough knickers will allow me, squeezing my eyes closed to let the waves of fantasy and ecstasy roll over me as I fill myself with whatever shape of vibrating goodness I fancy today. Will it be a dual pleasure shape, a rabbit style, or desperately trying to hold on to a pussy vibe while grappling with a buzzing bullet for my clit? Perhaps it will be a cool, rigid, metal or glass or stone dildo shoved up deep inside, or a buzzing butt plug to tease myself with thrusting it deeper inside with my slippery fingers as the juices leak from my pussy to make a mess on my fingertips and on my soft inner thighs.

May is for Masturbation, Blogasm 500 and Star Trek porn-gasms

I also want to track any effect on my libido and sex drive with the increase in masturbation and resulting orgasms, as I don’t usually have an orgasm every single day. Just most days. I’ll be tracking my efforts through some poly love child of #MasturbationMay, #MasturbationMonth and a revisit of my shamingly neglected Blogasm 500 orgasms project (#Blogasm500).

I should write about my sex life more; it’s really fucking hot.

His cock tip at my hand-fucked, stretched entrance, my ankles hooked over his shoulders as we both love, and he's not even entering me. Just making sure he's in the right place, right by my wetness. He's looking right at me and I'm looking into his eyes, turned on and ready and for some reason ashamed and feeling very small all at once. And the keening wail of desperate need that rises in my throat doesn't help matters. He smiles, then. His signal. Pushing into me smoothly, determinedly, HARD. All the way up. Then he stops again. My legs move to interlock my ankles over his back. My hands holding on to his big shoulders and my nails digging into his hot skin. I look up and his dark hair is framing him like a deviant halo, his eyes have changed from soft melted-chocolate brown to midnight black. Black like sin.

A Very, Very, Naughty Little Girl

Lestat: Claudia, you have been a very, very naughty little girl.

Coming Together

...if he ties me up, spanks me and uses ‘dirty talk’ before fucking me. Telling me what he’s going to do to his filthy little girl, that I’m all just for Daddy and that there’s nothing I can do to stop him, he’s going to fuck me anyway, nothing I can do about it. No choice. Tied up and no way out, no escape. Just a little fucktoy, a ragdoll for him to use and abuse at will. That sort of thing.

Relationship, Work and Sex Decisions

Decisions to have anal sex at work, after hours, on cctv. Forcefully bending me over his desk, flipping up my short skirt and ripping my tights for access. Pulling aside my thong and using a lube coated finger (yes, he had lube on his desk) smeared across my hole to help guide him inside quickly.

Orgasms 30-36 and an evil 37th

Sitting up more now, to use both hands on them, mauling them and pinching them tightly to make the nerve endings send a juddering connecting all the way through my body, connecting with my clit underneath the battering of the wand vibe.

Nervous when he takes my breath away

Slut-fucking, where 'slut' holds only the right amount of shame, which is none, really at all, yet when he growls it into my ear with a bite of venom in his tone there is a shudder of a pride-humiliation mix that if you've never felt it, you won't understand. Proud to be humiliated in front of him like the sex object he enjoys me being, that I enjoy being, for him. Proud to be his slut, that term of derisive loving perverted endearment; hearing him say that word only to me, only about me, his special slut, no-one else is his slut, only I.

Orgasms #21 through #29

It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm - or him - there's that step by step thing that happens. It's difficult to describe. My pussy tightens around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He feels me tighten around him and it makes him thrust into me even harder and with greater urgency.

Orgasms 18, 19, 20

Motivations for my masturbation have been plentiful recently. From the usual thoughts of him - as my man, partner, Dom or Daddy - to the little stable of loyal slaves I seem to have reignited, in chastity, suffering and teased, there's a lot to allow my mind to race through until that sparkling finale.

From #6 to #17 sex blogging orgasms

I know, I know. I've been very lax on blogging my orgasms! Just a quick update today, sadly... Life is moving quickly but I have  been fitting in at least one orgasm a day,...

Pleading the Fifth

That first flush and tingle when you read about the tip of a tongue dampening unfurling pussy lips. Sliding between, from the bottom of that pleasure opening, lightly between the folds, brushing over the...

Hungry for Orgasms 2, 3, 4…

No matter how big a butt plug feels when I'm inserting it I always want more once it gets to the point of no return while masturbating. Is that just me? Am I simply a greedy slut who always wants more? Perhaps.

Blogasm 500 Challenge: The Orgasm Adventure Begins

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Sex Diary: Apparently reading in bed means I want anal sex

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60 Day Vibe Chastity: The Route Back To Manual Orgasm

By Cara Sutra: Why am I talking about a 60 day vibe chastity challenge? After reviewing the Palm Power Wand earlier today, an interesting point came up in convo on Twitter. A fellow blogger's personal route back to a manual orgasm only came after a set time away from vibrating sex toys. I must confess that I do find it difficult to orgasm without the help of vibrations against my clitoris these days, if not impossible.

By The Window

By Cara Sutra: He didn't care. He was going to take me right then and there, in front of the window and he didn't care who could see.