Monday, September 16, 2019


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May is for Masturbation, Blogasm 500 and Star Trek porn-gasms

I also want to track any effect on my libido and sex drive with the increase in masturbation and resulting orgasms, as I don’t usually have an orgasm every single day. Just most days. I’ll be tracking my efforts through some poly love child of #MasturbationMay, #MasturbationMonth and a revisit of my shamingly neglected Blogasm 500 orgasms project (#Blogasm500).

Are you a racist?

Your first answer is of course going to be, "who me?! Of course not! What an awful thing to be." They were talking about the sad demise of Frank Carson on the BBC this morning,...

Submissive woman real life stories

If you're looking for submissive woman real life stories, you're in the right place. My life, with my deliciously cruel, evil Dom, is a sexy sub girl's wet aching and mewling dream. The fantasy is real.

Dressing up time

Trying on some clothes today. I'm almost there with the diet, just a bit more to shift then I'll be ready to slink in my shinies!

Together for four years – and this weekend we try something new

We're actually staying in a hotel room, for two nights, the two of us (my man and I) without anyone else. For most people in a relationship this long, this would have been out of the way and done with in the first 6 months, a year at most. Definitely before having a child, in any case. Not us. We've always had someone with us when we've stayed anywhere, from ex partners to the chauffeur slave who attends events with us.

Add your entry for Fetish Friday!

A reminder that Fetish Friday is here once again! I want your links, to your entries for Fetish Friday, be they pictures, photographs, kinky writing, anecdotes, fantasies or more. Share the kink! Let's spread the good...

Connection With My Lover Before Sex

I love when we have those tender private times together, those reassuring moments of intimacy. It’s so good to feel like his special girl and I know (well, hope) that he loves feeling like my special man. Our relationship is far from what you’d call standard, normal or boring, and very often it can involve other people. Not that we’re swingers – not that there’s anything wrong with swinging but it’s not us. I may have girl lovers though and he may have boy lovers; we’re both very bi.

Where’s Wally’s Sex Toy

By Cara Sutra: For Toy with Me Tuesday this week I decided on a red and white sex toy, the Capsula Butt Plug from the BS is Nice crew. With some clothing in the background and the Where's Wally logo I think it looks pretty good! So, Where's Wally's Sex Toy?

My Sinful Sunday prizes have arrived!

The brooch is just gorgeous and I will be trying out the nipple charms just as soon as my nipples stop being so damn sensitive!


Revealed A weekend bath shoot.

Let’s Go To Bed

Yes, it's a song, but most importantly it is the theme of this week’s TMI Tuesday. Seeing as the questions have been asked, I'm going to tell you about my bed! 1. What size (King,...

Jonny arrives at The Manor

We welcome a brand new horse to the Manor! Heeeeeeerre's Jonny! Getting the 5 horses ready to ride. The 2 Shetlands are in another paddock. Gorgeous!

Sleeping in bondage

I've had a penchant for sleeping in bondage ever since I was old enough to know what those needs are, that ache to be spanked and fucked and to masturbate in the dark of night. Those late teenage hormonal induced desires which made me aware of not only my sexual self, and the fact that I'm bisexual, but I'm also one kinky fuck who loves bondage.

Kink Links: The Erotic Gems of the ETO Show 2014

I’m very excited to share with you the products I absolutely loved at the ETO Show this year - and they didn’t even have a stand! Kink Links erotic jewellery. The first few times Kink Links tried to meet with me at the recent ETO Show 2014, I was away from the stand I was exhibiting The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd on. I was in a flurry of meetings and networking, but Kink Links persisted and eventually found me at E4, my little corner of the large NEC exhibition hall.

Orgasms #21 through #29

It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm - or him - there's that step by step thing that happens. It's difficult to describe. My pussy tightens around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He feels me tighten around him and it makes him thrust into me even harder and with greater urgency.

Blankety blank, fill in the gaps

1. For me, it was all about the money. 2. Roller skating at my local supermarket. 3. Behind the tree fingering beneath her white cotton knickers. 4. A spot of raucous dogging is something I always wanted to do. 5. When it was over, we lay in a puddle of our combined juicy filth. 6. Tonight I’m looking forward to sucking him so thoroughly he sees stars.

Communicating Emotion And Needing Affection

Feeling in extra need of cuddles at the moment. I don't know whether it's down to the wintry weather, or working full time finally sinking in, or other issues but I have found myself needing more affection than usual in order to keep from being a complete emotional wreck. Mostly it works, anyway.

Sex news: Pjur Group to distribute in the UK through CZ Trade

CZ Trade will be stocking the majority of the pjur range including bestsellers and new items. The company is looking forward to launching to the UK market: “We love the pjur brand and can’t wait to represent it in the UK,” says Beverley Peck, Sales Director at CZ. “As well as the bestselling items that our customers know and love there are some really great new additions to come.”


The #MeToo tag has taken over social media this week. This isn't some feel-good viral, however; quite the opposite. The prevalence of the #MeToo hashtag is a reflection of the prevalence of sexual harassment towards, violence against and the intimidation of women, by men.

Flesh Corset

So this week I got a new corset. You can see some quick snaps of it here on twitter. I liked the patterns on my skin after I'd kept this tightly laced corset on for...