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Beginner’s Guide To Silicone Sex Toys and Silicone Lubes

If you have any experience of sex toys, you will either have heard of silicone, or you may even have used it already. But really, what is silicone all about? Is there are difference between ordinary vibrators and silicone sex toys? What's the deal with silicone lube?

“Women can only orgasm with penis shaped vibrators”

All women’s vibrators should look like a penis, because that’s the point of them.

Mistress Cara FemDom Diary Update: November 2011

Every morning I am woken at 6.45am with a cup of hot coffee, as well as a mug of tea for my man next to me. I know it shames minnie dreadfully having to serve us in this way and in whichever way I wish. Always knowing he is nothing, so insignificant compared to his Mistress Cara and Her real man.

Wine Diva

That's me. Bought for me by the lovely Harlot, I still have to find a place to hang this. It makes me think of those shared weekends, in a depraved rampant mess all together....

How It Feels Watching Your Partner Fuck Someone Else

By Cara Sutra: How would you feel if you saw your partner fuck someone else? I guess for many the answer would be colourful variants of pissed off. Catch 5 minutes of a daytime TV chat show to watch lie detector frenzies and accusations of cheating descend into all-out battle. The reality, when we add in consent and pre-discussion, is more complex and nuanced. A partner having sex with someone else doesn't always mean they're cheating on you or that you'll feel betrayed.

Artificial hymens, faking your virginity and why all of this makes me sad

I have no idea why a woman would want to fake her virginity. Not for herself, not for any man, not for her family, not for society or culture. The only reason why she may be forced to is through fear, manipulation and other control mechanisms. A major control mechanism in modern society, stretching back through the ages, is religion. The thought that our eternal soul and future hinges on our behaviour in the here and now, that we should obey a set of rules as laid out in whichever man-made, bound together bunch of documents that best serves the needs of those ruling in society at any one time.

Submissive woman real life stories

If you're looking for submissive woman real life stories, you're in the right place. My life, with my deliciously cruel, evil Dom, is a sexy sub girl's wet aching and mewling dream. The fantasy is real.

Blast from the Past

This week's TMI Tuesday asks questions that have been asked before, a round up of the best questions of 2010. I only recently started playing along with TMI Tuesday so this is my first time...

Welcome to the world, little Blue

It really has been a busy couple of weeks! It all started Sunday night, 28th October. Pains that gradually got worse. Braxtons again, I thought. Then after a while, hey. These contractions are really...

Cara’s Health & Fitness Kick Update

My health and fitness kick went well the first week... I started just before the recent trip to Margate where it unsurprisingly stopped for a few days to allow for all the cake and...

Loving Bondage Doesn’t Make Me Any Less Of A Dominant Woman

By Cara Sutra: I’m quite proud, actually; proud that I’m not allowing myself to be restricted by a label. I love the irony in that statement. Loving bondage really doesn't make me any less of a dominant woman. Dommes can love being tied up too.

Orgasms 30-36 and an evil 37th

Sitting up more now, to use both hands on them, mauling them and pinching them tightly to make the nerve endings send a juddering connecting all the way through my body, connecting with my clit underneath the battering of the wand vibe.

Tell me, what’s your flavour?

Vanilla? Extra sauce? Something fruity with sprinkles on top? Get your tongues ready for a sexy summer.

The Raggydoll Reject Bin of Odds and Ends

The thing with kitchen counters is they're a bit high for being bent over and fucking, in the traditional PIV sex way. I remember popping and ex-girlfriend up on the kitchen top, sat on top of it, and eating her pussy with the tea making canisters behind her ass in my line of sight. Slipping fingers in at the same time as my tongue and manipulating her tight pussy until she orgasmed violently on me.

Retail Therapy

There's nothing quite like that feeling of returning home with several bags of new clothes. Ring in the New Year with some retail therapy.

Best Sex Blog Finalist in the Xcite Books Awards

Cara Sutra: Best Sex Blog Finalist in the Xcite Books Awards I've received the most exciting news - I'm a finalist for Best Sex Blog in the Xcite Books Awards 2012! Upon moving from blogspot to...

Introducing New Cheeky Weekenders Portable Pleasure Packs (And A Special Offer Too)

Here comes the weekend! Are you coming too? I know just the thing to make sure that your weekend is full of sex, orgasms and pleasure. Keep it cheeky with the new Cheeky Weekenders from Give Pleasure Products. They’re the same people who brought you Give Lube, Lube Shots and Cheeky Wash and Wipes, and now they’ve put together bed-based bundles of adult fun for you and a partner to share.

Back in the saddle

It was fantastic to be able to 1) get back in my jods 2) have boots that fit and 3) get out with my lovely lady for a little horse ride through the snow...

After Eights Sex With Chocolate Sexy Story

I love food and I love sex. Combine the two for the kinkiest, sexiest, most perverted sex. I adore it. Having admitted this fact to him, he obviously wanted to take full advantage. I love when he takes full advantage of me. Anyway. I’m not sure if I wrote about the After Eights sex with chocolate occasion that happened a few months ago?

The Inverted Poll

This post forms part of the weekly meme that is TMI Tuesday. In many polls, you are asked if you strongly agree, somewhat agree, neither agree nor disagree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with some...