Thursday, November 21, 2019

Seven til Midnight

Seven til Midnight Floral Seamless Cami Bodystocking Review (STM-20453) | Pleasure Panel

9 out of 10
I love sexy lingerie and bodystockings, thanks Cara for sending me the Seven til Midnight Floral Seamless Cami Bodystocking to review!  I have other Seven till Midnight lingerie which is gorgeous and fantastic quality, so I jumped at the chance to review this piece.

Seven til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) – Pleasure Panel Review

7 out of 10
By Mel MacFarlane: The Seven Til Midnight Bodystocking (20424) was sent to me from Cara Sutra as part of the Pleasure Panel Reviews. The stocking was free, in return for an honest and unbiased review of the product.

Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Bodystocking Lingerie – Guest Review

10 out of 10
By Mel MacFarlane, Voluptasse I absolutely loved the Seven Til Midnight Lotus Pattern Body Stocking. I found it easy to wear, incredibly comfortable and very stretchy. It leaves nothing to the imagination, so it’s not for the faint hearted but I found it to be very flattering for me.

Seven Til Midnight Uptown Lace Body Review

8 out of 10
The cut away sides heighten the feminine silhouette, creating curves you didn't know you had. I have worn this body under clothes but be aware that there is no popper fasten at the crotch area, so if you do need the loo, you will have to be an expert in removing and refastening this body first! Mind you, I never really had it on long enough for this to be a problem...