Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Riodong 9.5 Inch Dildo – Pleasure Panel Review

By Shady Shania: Upon opening the box, I was a bit overwhelmed with the actual length and did have a brief moment of ‘Oh My God’. The Riodong 9.5 Inch Dildo was within a plastic bag in the box and also came with a very nice fabric bag for storage. Upon opening the bag, there is a slight smell of the materials used, it was not unpleasant, but after a quick wash with warm water and a wipe with a sex toy cleaner wipe, it certainly did not smell as much.

Riodong 8.25 Inch Dildo – Pleasure Panel Review

By Eliza93Marie: Riodong 8.25 Inch Dildo review: I have never really been known to like dildos. I have also never tried such a realistic looking dildo. Of course, I’m always up to try new things. To be honest, my expectations for this phallic dildo were rather low. Not because of the product quality, because I thought I knew nothing of the company, but rather because I general like textured toys to have lots of well pronounced ridges and bumps. When I saw the product was up for grabs, I was genuinely interested to find out what it would do for my body. Until the thing arrived.

Riodong 7.75 Inch Suction Cup Dildo With Balls – Pleasure Panel Review

By Stickywicket: When I saw the request for a review on the Riodong 7.75 Inch Suction Cup Dildo With Balls I initially didn't think of putting my name forward. Silicone non-vibrating dildos always seemed a bit vanilla for me. Then when I was reviewing another toy at the same time I thought what the hey, it's something new and surely I wouldn't know what I thought of the dildo unless it's given a bit of a testing, so let's tell Cara I'm up for it.