Pillows Foreplay

Review: Pillows Foreplay Inflatable Sex Pillows for Men & Women

7 out of 10
Once the pillows are sheathed, inflated and good to go, you have a surprisingly durable item of sex furniture to use. For me, the girly pillow was fun to use during masturbation (even if I was tempted to use various cut out faces at the top to see if my masturbation session was enhanced or totally ruined). Having a central raised portion within which a toy is securely gripped gives you the sensation of having sex. I can sit astride the inflated pillow and you get what I imagine to be close to a sybian experience - depending on the vibration strength of the toy you insert, of course. He reports that he felt a little silly thrusting into his Fleshlight and other masturbators when it’s inside the pillow but that might have been because I was watching him so intently. Your mileage may vary; perhaps a man masturbating alone would thoroughly enjoy this addition whether they’re single or in a relationship.