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Guest Erotic Book Review: First Spankings by Peter Birch

6 out of 10
Xcite Books
By Fesure Maybe The style of the writing wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m used to lots of different stories about different characters. I found the style to be more of a biography about the author’s life, which don’t get me wrong I found very interesting. Not every day you find a book that goes in depth and talks openly about their sex life but they shouldn’t publicise this book as a sexual book which I feel it is portrayed as and more as a biography book. The aspect of it being a biography that I did enjoy was it gave me lots of ideas that I can do. You read a lot in stories of fictional characters that it tends to be scenarios a everyday person could not carry out, but with this book it gave me ideas that are more down to earth. Things that I could use on my partner and try in my own life.