Thursday, November 21, 2019

Livilla Sanders

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Guest Erotic Book Review: Casual Collisions by Livilla Sanders

9 out of 10
By Mel Macfarlane, Voluptasse My favourite story was First Impressions. This story was quite poignant and details Sandra Fletcher‘s anger and frustration at a cruel and uncaring world. She meets a friendly woman called Gillian at the train station. They swap numbers and embark upon a friendship which awakens a side of Sandra that she had smothered because of a tragic and painful past. This story left me feeling excited for the character because she desperately needed a new beginning and I felt so involved with her that I wanted things to improve, and they certainly do.

Gratis New Beginnings Erotic Anthology – Pleasure Panel Book Review

7 out of 10
By Voluptasse: I really enjoyed the Gratis: Midwinter Tales and high hopes for the next book, the Gratis New Beginnings Erotic Anthology. The second collection from the Gratis Series brings you some familiar writers but includes a sprinkling of new faces to give the series a fresh and exciting feel.

Guest Erotic Book Review: Gratis Midwinter Tales

10 out of 10
Gratis – Midwinter Tales Review I was asked to review the Gratis – Midwinter Tales for Cara Sutra in return for an honest and straightforward...

Guest Book Review: The Spanish Artist by Livilla Sanders

10 out of 10
Will Sarah succumb to the charms of the beautiful and mysterious Marcia? Can she finally break free from the bindings of the past and find the sweet release that she has been craving? I won’t spoil the story for you but I am sure that you can guess what happens by the synopsis!

Guest Book Review: Cassie’s Call by Livilla Sanders

9 out of 10
By FesureMaybe This erotic novel is based around a girl called Cassie who is a bored call centre worker who finds herself getting a bit of a sexy client which let’s just say gets taken a bit further with someone she didn't think she would ever dream of!