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Hot Octopuss DiGiT Finger Vibe Review

Hot Octopuss DiGiT Finger Vibe Review

The Hot Octopuss sex toys collection began with the now internationally popular Pulse, also known as a Guybrator. Since the early days, and plenty of industry awards and acclaim later, Hot Octopuss added cock rings and clitoral vibrators. I'm proud to present the newest item in the Hot Octopuss family: the Hot Octopuss DiGiT Finger Vibe.

Hot Octopuss JETT Review: The Customisable Guybrator

This is a different style of sex toy completely! Introducing the Hot Octopuss JETT, a twin bullet powered cock ring which promises to deliver an orgasmic and customisable combination of treble and bass vibrations. However: Hot Octopuss JETT is no ordinary cock ring –unsurprisingly. I mean this is Hot Octopuss we’re talking about here.

Hot Octopuss ATOM Plus Cock Ring Review

After our recent successful (& extremely pleasurable) sessions with the Hot Octopuss ATOM Cock Ring, the lovely people at Hot Octopuss offered their other style of cock ring for us to test and review. Here’s our thoughts and experiences of the Hot Octopuss ATOM Plus Cock Ring.

Hot Octopuss ATOM Cock Ring Review

First up, a confession. When I heard that Hot Octopuss were bringing out some new sex toys, I was very excited. They have proven their worth in both the sex toy industry and with customers, so new products were definitely an intriguing prospect. They're the creators of the multi award-winning PULSE penis strokers and the tap-happy Queen Bee. So what's to confess?

Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote Review

All in all we found the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote a great addition to foreplay, mostly directly for him but also a voyeuristic element of pleasure for me. For penis-owners who enjoy using strokers during masturbation, and particularly frenulum-based stimulators, I think the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote is a fantastic purchase and a masturbatory game-changer. 

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee Review

Plastic, TPR
I've been simply buzzing about writing this sex toy review, and not just because a Hot Octopuss Queen Bee review is bound to be a hive of puns. So, what's the score? Is this sex toy as sweet as honey? Was it a real bedroom beauty in the eyes of the Bee-holder? Will I continue to wax lyrical or will there be a sting in the tail? I told you. Pure nectar.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Review | Pulse 3 Duo Guybrator Review

The Pulse III Duo sex toy was sent to me by Hot Octopuss for the purposes of this fair and honest review. I was intrigued to know how the Pulse III Duo differs from the first two instalments of the self-titled Guybrator; after all, my partner and I loved those. What changes have been made to make the Hot Octopuss Pulse sex toy even better – and is it really any better than mark two?

Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo Review | Pulse 2 Duo Guybrator Review

By Cara Sutra: After using and loving the original Pulse Solo with my partner, although its main intent is for use as a men’s masturbation toy (Guybrator), I was interested in trying the latest addition to the Hot Octopuss family: the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo. The main draw of the Pulse sex toys is the unique way they stimulate; a patented pulse plate inside oscillates against the penis while the vibrations can optionally be enjoyed by a female partner at the same time.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review | Pulse Guybrator Review

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo aka The Guybrator is, wait for it, a 'revolutionary male stimulator' with 'next-generation' technology. If you're anything like me, you'll be thinking 'yeah, right - what, again?' upon reading these by now, all too familiar words. Unfazed by the claims of all emerging sex toys on the market to be 'revolutionary' and 'innovative', I took the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo and determined to form my own, honest opinion about this product based on my experiences with it.