Thursday, December 5, 2019


Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg Review | Pleasure Panel

7 out of 10
The Feelztoys Anna Remote Control Vibrating Egg is a cute little toy that comes in a nicely packaged box. It came presented like I'd expect a more expensive toy to be, rather than such an affordable toy as the Anna Remote Vibrating Egg I haven’t used any products by Feelz Toys before so this is my first experience with the brand.

Feelztoys Jena Geisha Balls Set Review | Pleasure Panel

9 out of 10
Mr. Sexy loves my pelvic muscles. I have been working them out with and without tools.  Weighted balls have been used in the past, along with e-stim devices.  I think the use of weighted balls is a sexy idea.  The constant reminder of my vagina and its awesomeness, turns me on and reminds me of its power.  The Feelztoys Jena Geisha Balls Set was provided to me by Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel in exchange for an honest review.

Feelztoys LEA Dual Stim Vibrator Review | Pleasure Panel

10 out of 10
For the August Pleasure Panel round, I volunteered to review the Feelztoys LEA Dual Stim Vibrator supplied by Erovalley. It was an unknown quantity as the image supplied was only of the front of a sealed box, which revealed very little about its contents.