Cheeky Weekend

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Ultimate Cheeky Weekender Review

10 out of 10
I was sent the trio of Cheeky Weekender packs directly from Give Pleasure Products, the same people behind the wonderful Give Lube and Cheeky Wash and Expandable Wipes. These sex essentials were all sent to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review of each.

Love Affair Cheeky Weekender Review

10 out of 10
For the mid-range kit I was pleasantly surprised that you get two vibrating items, the bullet vibe and the vibrating cock ring. The expandable wipes seem to be a little superfluous to this kit, with the absence of the wash with it - but if the wash was included the contents value would be too high for the sale price. The condoms are from tried and tested brands, such as EXS, Mates and Billy Boy and they are all well within the expiry dates and as standard. I've reviewed the two types of Give Lube in the past as well as the expandable wipes, so please click through the links on the list to read about them in more detail.

Cheeky Weekender Sex Essentials Pack Review

10 out of 10
As you can see you get a great value little sex kit for your money. It’s pretty much all the essentials you’d need for a naughty weekend away, keeping in your handbag or travel bag, glove compartment, work drawer or just next to the bed as your emergency backup for your usual supplies. I’ve reviewed the lubeshots, Cheeky Wash and wipes separately, so please click through the links above to find out more info about each item.